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As he tried to conceal that detail of his night
I brought it up casually
“I woke up and realized I was super drunk” blah blah blah… 74 more words

fish and birds

I was in a room in a house. I was alone in the room but other people were in the house and kept coming in and out. 137 more words


Review: The Mazerunner (spoiler alert)

Hi :)

Last night I went to the cinemas with Chubby and Bunny to see The Mazerunner :)
The Mazerunner has pretty much the same concept as The Hunger Games and Divergent; a group, raising a rebellion against the leader of their world ‘n stuff :) 81 more words


Wake up in the morning with the sunlight in my eyes...

I woke up this morning at half past five with a full bladder.
So I went to the bathroom.
Since I have another hour before I needed to get up, I went back to bed. 96 more words


Last Night

Next Door Neighbor: “I’ve knocked before to complain about the music, and you wouldn’t answer. You wouldn’t come out and talk to me.”

Me: I don’t answer the door unless I am expecting someone. 332 more words

MTV reality star Ryan Knight found dead at 28 in Wisconsin

LOS ANGELES: Ryan Knight, a former star on MTV show “Real World: New Orleans,” has been found dead at a friend’s home in Wisconsin after complaining about stomach issues, police said on Friday. 165 more words


Spurs Pitch Invaders

A bunch of nonces ran on to the pitch at the Spurs game last night – It was clear that this may well have been organised after all three guys seemed to have the same shirt on. 70 more words