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Tony Collins - Last Night

Newcomer Tony Collins is upping the game with hew debut EP Last Night.  Perhaps learning the lessons of some his contemporaries, the singer/songwriter doesn’t allow himself to get sucked into production that won’t make the songs listenable next year.  77 more words

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family advice

I was somewhere with my extended family and friends and my cousin decided that she was going to sue her father and cut him out of her life. 73 more words


dog walk

I was living in a much nicer place and I went outside to walk my dog and another 2 dogs. There were some women outside who got really angry with me and started yelling at me to clean up after the dogs which I was already in the process of doing and it was in my own back yard.


snapped by the box

Last night at the Photobox in Hamburg.


first date

I was inside waiting for a first date to come pick me up and for some reason I was living with my family. I got a text that the guy was there so I went outside. 84 more words


slush shop

I was working at a slush shop and we were using red plastic cups. One of them broke and I asked the customer to get a second and she grabbed a nice insulated cup. 70 more words


go karts

I was on a date with my ex at a local place I didn’t want to go to that has go karts, mini golf, and bumper boats. 35 more words