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moon doing a bit of line dancing

Not everyone will know it, but at 3 last night the moon was swinging on the lines above the house opposite and showing off in front of a star filled sky….. 15 more words



Last night I dreamed that I was having a bath in a claw-foot tub and closed my eyes. Then I opened them to find the room filled with people watching me, including my parents.


A pregame chat with Adam LaRoche

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This is an excerpt from Washington Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche’s interview with Charlie Slowes from the Nationals On-Deck pre-game radio show: 444 more words

Adam LaRoche

Attend Tony Collins' Private Listening Party

New York City’s fresh face of RnB, Tony Collins, announced on Instagram that his highly anticipated debut album “Last Night” is scheduled to be released soon but a select few would be able to sneak a listen before it is available for purchase. 72 more words


return of the ex

I was going through a downtown area and came across a concert outside that some people I knew were watching while lying on the ground. So I decided to join them and I was cuddling with one guy, next to him was his date, next to her was my ex. 230 more words



The usual start
to a great night is wine mixed
with bad intentions.

The special bond with brothers day!

Omg i forgot to do my post in all the madness last night.

Well yesterday was our religious day, it wad basically the day where we tie a thread on our brothers and guy cousins as a way of saying that they will protect us, well that is what it is supposed to be for LOL but nowadays everyone just does it for the money because as we tie the thread the guys need to give us money in return. 419 more words