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Cremation Ceremony

Cremation Ceremony

There were quite a few cremations in progress at Pashupatinath Temple enabling me to see them in various stages of the ritual. The two men, who may be sons of the deceased or they may be priests, walked around the pyre a few times prior to firing up the wood. 58 more words


Hiring Mourners for Your Funerals

This, is what you’ll BE doing, as a “last rite” of your lives, because NOBODY else is going to C-R-Y for you when you die.  Hiring mourners for your funerals, it’s actually, the very LAST “resort”, because you’d looked high, AND you’d looked LOW, and, you still ain’t FOUND anybody who’ll CRY for you when you die yet, because you never made the slightest difference in anybody ELSE’s life. 90 more words


Last Rites: The Cutthroats 9 - Dissent

I wrote a review of the new record from The Cutthroats 9. Chris Spencer’s still got it.

The dis-ease keeps roiling. The first half of…

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Last Rites: Electric Citizen - Sateen

I reviewed Electric Citizen, both live and in studio. Worth a look and a listen.

Electric Citizen take their name from the 1969 song “Death of an Electric Citizen” by the Edgar Broughton Band, and Sateen owes a great deal to the heavy acid psychedelic rock of that era.

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