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What's Unrealistic

This Easter memory starts in a Montreal hospital, where I’m walking down the hall after a visit with a parishioner. A young man steps right in front of me, blocking my exit. 1,828 more words

Sins of a Solar Priestess

by Anonymous

I ate whatever filled me, be it meat, fish or vegetable. I drank when I felt thirsty, and when it made my mind go away, I enjoyed it. 383 more words


The Last Step

Malvika Saini and Prerna Lidhoo

Nigambodh ghat is an important part of Delhi. With a legacy of 5000 years and history since the time of Pandavas, it still remains to be  one of the most important  crematorium grounds.

Last Rites: 5Q5A - Argus

Craig and I had the opportunity to send some questions to Argus, one of my favorite contemporary bands. They answered honestly and at length, and proved to be one of my favorite interviews, too: 259 more words


Last Rites: Outré Monde - Vespero and Cold Womb Descent

Craig and I return with the second installment of Outré Monde for Last Rites. I think it’s some of my best writing yet.

Though you and I have had a few conversations on drone and it’s ilk, I don’t think we’ve ever touched on when it works for me and when it doesn’t.

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Last Rites: 5Q5A - Morgue of Saints

Over at Last Rites, I asked some questions of  Elliot, the one-man-band behind Morgue of Saints, and he kindly answered them.

The organ, that most neglected of metal instruments, gets quite a workout throughout 

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Last Rites

Feather rubbed Wax ‘n’ Revive onto the tang of her father’s scythe. This was her first allotment day without Dad.

Rosemary was due. “Let’s chat, somewhere  100 more words