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Rome Film Review: 'Last Summer'

The Japanese mother of a 6-year-old British brat is allowed four days with him on her ex’s family yacht before losing visiting rights forever in Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli’s stylish but over-calculated debut, “Last Summer.” Enigmatically withholding vital info — why was she considered an unfit mother? 742 more words


"Autumn's Love" [poem]


Flowers hanging onto the last rays of sun,

Looking resplendent in their orange hues,

The frost has not taken them away,

Autumn’s glow can still be seen; as, 135 more words

You, my friends ... #ayoy #poetry #pray

>“My love has made me selfish. I cannot
without you — I am forgetful of everything
seeing you again. My life seems to stop…

48 more words

Come to me, mine beloved come #ayoy #poetry #micropoetry, #sixwords #6words #haiku, #vss

>The heart aches and bleeds from within.
Having known joy and happiness. :’( :’(
Now it’s sorrow and agony
“Tears are words that need to be written.”

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Away, you go... #ayoy #poetry #micropoetry #haiku #6words@@

These thoughts will never let me enjoy peace. The peace I once knew, no longer with me. I long for the days, long gone, we lived bracing ourselves in the evening sun. 144 more words


Summer of '13

Here’s is my second scribble from last year…Please be gentle with me :)

Autumn in summer
Fallen leaves
Yellow and shiny
Like golden coins
Of King Sun to us… 60 more words