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The phone rang in the very early morning hours of Dec 17th, a Sunday. In the USA it was still Saturday, Dec 16th.

I rose from the warm bed and padded out into the cold hall to the phone. 2,489 more words

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Pride, Prejudice and Curiosity

The words “Pride” and “Prejudice”, especially when joined with a non-contrasting conjunction are to a certain gender what, reportedly, catnip is to a feline. Some of those, personally known to me, have watched… 631 more words

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Sex and Marriage

So recently, some female author, trying to flog her book, sponsored a debate on premarital sex. Briefly, she asked, Yes or No.

Of course the usual pseudo social activists were quick to jump in with both feet condemning with many references to cultural heritage, some faux religious mumbo jumbo and a overall sense of outrage at the topic itself. 1,301 more words

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Surviving the Week with a little (Fermented) help

Alright alright alriiiiight. It’s Tuesday, my second least favorite day of the week. So, I threw a few things together to make the rough weekday nights a little easier. 347 more words


Around the Color Wheel: A Love Letter

Black- adj, /’blak/

:having the very dark color of coal or the night sky

:characterized by the absence of light

:served without milk or cream (okaaaaaaaay..) 223 more words


Winter Fashion: Casual Guy Wear

By: Sebastian Piatt

It’s almost winter weather and every change of season means minor wardrobe adjustments for the casual guy. The 2015 edition of Farmers’ Almanac predicts that the winter of 2014-15 will be harsher than usual. 511 more words


WhatIWore: #TimelessTuesdays


It’s been I while, but I’ve been busy studying for my LSATs this weekend. Yesterday I had the chance to attend a ski-themed fashion show at Bond, the gorgeous lounge at the Langham Hotel. 49 more words