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Excel - Find the last word

On one of these days, I have received a following text from one of my friend who scribbled his various expenses in notepad and asked me help me tabulating his expenses. 456 more words

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Anniversary Anguish

I was going to call this the “Annual Anniversary Anguish” but then realized I would be redundant. No, I mean, not me, I mean, I was made redundant once in 2009 and haven’t looked back, but I mean the Annual and Anniversary together would be abundantly redundant. 336 more words

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Punjabi in Paris - Normandy Notes 1

Yes, I do realize that Normandy is not in Paris and so, technically and pedantically speaking, the Punjabi can’t be in Paris if he is in Normandy. 1,749 more words

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Coming soon..

Yes, a new post will be coming soon. Don’t know when, don’t know what about. Certainly not kittens or cats.  Because we hate all cats here at SloWord. 313 more words

Last Word


one day
some millions ago
an eye
looked at you
and for the first time
in this part of the universe
at least

strange to think… 362 more words


The Pug Life

“I Didn’t Choose The Pug Life. The Pug Life Chose Me.” My new t-shirt from the Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue organization proclaims this in bold type for anyone who thinks my interest in pugs might be an exercise of free will. 1,165 more words

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5 Weeks

The title doesn’t quite have the same sort of cachet of 9 and 1/2 weeks, I’m afraid. Certainly there were no strawberries or Joe Cocker… 1,669 more words

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