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Gratitude Friday

I have had one of those weeks this week. You know the ones, where you feel nothing goes right. Where you focus on all the bad things that have happened, all the discomfort you feel right now and all the imagined discomfort and stress in the future. 876 more words


Last Words

I hope my last words spoken on this earth are poignant and heart-warming, perhaps even quotable.  I don’t want my last utterance to be something like, “Don’t forget — the garbage goes out on Wednesdays” or “Did we get pre-authorization from the insurance company for this?” 242 more words

Devo Drops

The last riddle I ever tell

This is from a deviantart.com #sixwordstories prompt: Your last six words before death. Mine likely will be (ignore the six-word title):

The last riddle I ever tell… 7 more words

Original Writing

When the World Stopped Turning: 9/11

It seems everyone old enough to remember 9/11 and the events from that day has some sort or recollection of what they were doing and how they felt. 1,363 more words


I am dying.

It was not long ago that I found out that I was going to die.

It’s really stange to realize this. You hear of the people diagnosed with diseases and other problems, and being told they have a certain amount of time to live… suddenly, that seems so applicable to me as well. 268 more words

What if ?

This past weekend, I was asked: “If I could say just 100 words to Bob right now, what would they be?”

Now, if you follow my blog, you know that in effect,  that was a challenge for me to be succinct. 183 more words