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To the groom.

Does he remember?

Remember when his lips placed gentle, electric promises on the palm of my hand one dark night? We were sitting together on the deserted top deck of the night bus going back to our shared house. 505 more words

Spontaneous Prose

Dying words

when I die you need not cry,

just look at the sky and wave goodbye,

I’ll be there too watching you.

I’ll fall as rain signalling, 24 more words

Maybe He Should Have Chosen Easier Words to Remember

Harry Houdini, the famed magician and escape artist who died in 1926, left in his will 10 random words to his wife. He stated in his will that she should hold a séance every Halloween following his death and that he would communicate with her through those 10 words. 23 more words


Ducking Out Before Last Wish Is Fulfilled

Derek Jarman was an artist, writer, and filmmaker. His last words: “I want the world to be filled with white fluffy duckies.”


A Handy Last Request

Convicted murderer James W. Rodgers was put in front of a firing squad in Utah in 1960. When asked if he had a last request, he replied, “Bring me a bullet-proof vest.”


Fifty-Two Pies

I love a well-stocked pantry.  It makes me feel good to can and freeze food so that I can pull out good, wholesome “fast food” to serve at a moment’s notice.  456 more words




Dare to view this planet,
then will you see the world is not enough.
take a stroll and you’ll know; 124 more words

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