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Daily Writing Prompt #378

Write a melodramatic death scene in which the dying character gives his final speech to his tearful companions over the course of the story. In the end, he’s talked so long that his companions actually get him to a healer/doctor/etc. 26 more words


Famous Last Words

When we look at the books of the New Testament (NT) chronologically, we can do something kind of interesting.  We can look at the main authors of the NT (Peter, Paul, and John), and figure out which words we can read in scripture were the “last words” of aforesaid Peter, Paul, and John.  891 more words


Last words - Spring 2014

Après les First Shot, voici mes avis finaux, raccourcis de la saison précédente. (J’ai du temps à tuer, autant que je l’utilise pleinement.)

Cette saison de Printemps fut pleines de déceptions et pour vous dire, il ne restait plus que 3 shows qui m’intéressaient à la fin. 455 more words


Last Words

“Life must come with death.”


I have compiled some last words of people who are very important to me and to society. I couldn’t be the man I am today without them.  361 more words

the oculus rift vs the tetrimino

To be fair, I haven’t been at any convention or anything that has one of these demo’ing.  Or at least, not without a crazy-long line up that i’d never feel like waiting through.   207 more words

Last Words

A dear old man I know died last week. One of life’s true saints, the world is a little poorer for his loss.

I’ve lost too many precious Elders from my life lately. 368 more words


Important Words Linger Long 1:6

Joshua 23
Part 1 of 6

There are humorous words spoken by people trying to make a career in business. Mistakenly, they were not prophets and guessed wrong on the future of their field. 225 more words