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with bagels and a latte to go

the coffee shop on the corner sits halfway between both our streets, lending an air of cosiness to the entire Fifth Avenue. the coffee drinkers, and jelly-livered tea sippers, sit in front of wide baskets of baguettes and loaves of other sorts of bread they can nibble on as they order their poison and enjoy it in either quiet solitude or warm conversations. 362 more words


Ramon's Taco • Planada CA

DRIVING THROUGH THE ALMOND trees of the Central Valley can be hungry work!  You’re headed to or from Yosemite or Mariposa, and wonder, “Where can I get a decent burrito or taco?”.   169 more words


Casa Reynoso • Tempe AZ

Highly recommended!   Headed anywhere near Tempe, Arizona?   Make the trip.  If you’re staying five days, plan to eat there four times.  I had the same thing every time.   111 more words


Más Taco • Red Lodge MT

DRIVING OUT OF YELLOWSTONE over the Bear Tooth Pass Highway, one experiences a truly mortal encounter with their fate.  Motoring above cloud cover with little between the pavement and plunge?   346 more words


Mocha Madness • Pochatello ID

On an early Sunday morning, I dutifully follow the metallic instructions from my Nüvi.  The historic district, however, was closed.  As was Main Street Cafe.  My loss, I’m sure. 100 more words