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Moon Light Writer

Trying to capture those precious creative moments just before my eyes close.

The Mixture


I feel weak, things get rough
Sometimes my knees can barely hold me up
I’m no fool, but it’s said
You gotta walk a mile til you’re outta my head… 33 more words


Dancing in the Daffodils

Your voice sounded of tears while mine sounded of fears
It was love for all the right reasons,
But wrong timings.
And it was new findings, 144 more words

Sad Insomniac Thoughts

You may think its strange

How I can’t find myself

When I’m standing

Right next to you

But I’ve gotten lost

Somewhere between

Regrettable nights… 50 more words


I don't care if I die

I don’t care if I die.
Isn’t that the point of living anyway.
To live it all as much as you can then die.
Death is life. 88 more words

b happee

I strongly believe in taking risks. I feel like if something is offered to you, than you should take it. A paying job across the world? 159 more words


a love worth my time

It honestly crushes my heart every time I meet another guy that isn’t who I hope he is. It crushes me to know that there’s a possibility that I may not get to meet the man living in my dreams, the man that comforts me in my deepest and darkest nightmares.. 117 more words