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Listen to me

Used to write songs quite often last time. Teenage angst seemed to be the theme. Emo was in and i think i kinda rode the tide. 245 more words


The Negative Thought Reels

My negative thought reels are on overdrive today. Here’s what they have to say:

On Love and Relationships

You’ll never be loved. You don’t deserve love.   482 more words

Anxiety And Depression

Attitude Changes

Today I spent a lot of time with some of my favourite people. I talked, A LOT. I listened a lot too. Feeling very contemplative, and generally great! 235 more words


I’m not sleeping yet or I guess I just can’t sleep or maybe I just have a fcuked up body clock. It’s past 1:00am here in the Philippines and here I am, in my bed, catching up on watching Breaking Bad since I didn’t have the time to watch this since the university and graduation was invented. 604 more words

Random Thoughts


Two days ago, my little sister and I took a trip to our local movie theater to watch a little movie called Divergent.

Okay, I mean the crazy YA phenomenon that is everywhere and anywhere nowadays. 273 more words

Late Night Thoughts

what goes on inside me

I’m sort of lying in bed for more or less 4 days now due to this medical condition (which I will tell you later on after having progress on this) and I’m not that productive. 319 more words

Random Thoughts

To Be List

The future is so unpredictable, yet so intriguing, exciting and fascinating. I can’t wait to get out of high school, get my degree in some community colleges or cal states, then volunteer for the Peace Corps in Kenya for 2 years, and work hard enough to graduate from UC Berkeley. 276 more words