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It's 1 am

It’s 1 am and I’m laying here feeling lost in my own thoughts. Wondering where I went wrong. The last time I wrote on this blog I was very spiritually strong. 366 more words


Lying Ass

When someone is calling you and your on the phone already and click over the phone doesn’t hang up. Why lie and say let me call you back someone is calling me if he’s not calling? 117 more words

Late Night Thoughts

Wondering and pondering around in my mind at 1:30AM

You may think that I can’t think for myself. That I am young and naive. I am, young and naive. Aren’t we all to some extent? 603 more words

Cardboard cutouts

Slowly, I forget them

To me, they’re only cardboard cutouts

Lifeless, flat and dull

Their magic is leaving me

I’m abandoning the only thing I know… 61 more words


How do I feel about love?

Hello again,

I know its been a few days since i posted anything but i’ve been out having a social life………kidding, I’ve been working a fair bit these past few days and haven’t had the time (or energy) to post anything!! 1,239 more words


It’s 2:45 in the morning and I’m lying wide awake in your guest bedroom. Today we exchanged Christmas gifts and that is always a really stressful time for me. 303 more words



Simply, speechless

I need to speak

but nothing leaks

out of my mouth

I want to scream and shout

but no words come out… 54 more words