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Popping my blog cherry

They say that blogging is therapeutic. That its good for the soul to release out my thoughts onto a virtual diary. We’ll see if this is the case with me. 542 more words


Long Time No Post

So sorry I haven’t written in AGES! Life gets in the way… From the schoolwork to the necessary to-do list of fall time activities, being able to sit down, ponder and interpret my thoughts has become a difficulty. 471 more words


Averted Eyes

I am fearless.

But sometimes, my hands shake
And my heart beats fast
And I think of everything that could go wrong
And I doubt myself.

I am a liar.

Perfect Circles

Drawing a perfectly round circle, or a perfectly straight line the first time round is near most impossible. That’s why erasers were invented, so we can erase our mistakes and redo it. 306 more words

Background player, never showstopper.

The crowd applauses, but never to me.

Lights shine beyond me: I am the shadow.

Late Night Thoughts

Dear Ten Year Old Self

Dear Ten-Year Old Self,

I decided to write you a letter.  It’s been awhile since we have spoken- I’ve been extremely busy.  You know, I’m in my twenties now.   469 more words


ten: public service announcement (PSA).

if you ever find the words
i write about you, i don’t
know if you would be flattered
or creep(ed) out by how much i… 52 more words