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Self Doubt

Negative thoughts whispered in my ear

The evil devil, lingering amidst my shoulder

Telling me

Not pretty enough

Not worthy enough

Not good enough.

I try to rid this pain… 85 more words

Late Night Thoughts

you don't know

you don’t know black and white from grey.

you live in grey. the if I can get away with it I will.

how can you use me as an example of… 67 more words

In My Opinion

2 AM

This was your fondest hour
to tell me
you love me
But it’s running late
My eyes are heavy
My spirit is burned out
from waiting… 28 more words


Far away boys

I told my wife once that you can find beauty within sadness.  I am fairly sure she does not understand what I meant. After all  it is not something that people talk about in normal conversation . 216 more words


How are you?

The most overly used question in my life.

I just love how it’s pretty much instinct for me to respond with, “Fine.” or “Good.”

So for today, i want to ask, “How are you?” 510 more words

Life/Love Stories


Captured thoughts neatly in rows

Organized chaos

That perpetually grows

Endings are just different beginnings

Break ups are tough as shit. I’m talking about the “we’ve been together for ages” kind of relationships. The ones where you have an unspoken connection with each other and you both know its there. 242 more words