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this is a mini poem about how addicted i was to you, you were my drug and i’m barely, if at all, coming off from my high and as i am, i realize: 48 more words


Don't be So Nice: Why It's OK To Be Selfish

I’m a people pleaser. I need to make every one happy. If some one is not happy then I feel it is my own personal duty to make everything better for them. 908 more words

Late-night Thoughts

At A Loss

I’m a a loss for words

I’m at a loss for many things

But I keep moving forward

Not sure what the future brings


I’m at a loss for time… 417 more words



And here I am,
Drunk in glass-fragment dreams
And instant coffee,
While you suck the life out of that cigarette
With a snicker no less than… 68 more words


Her house is going on the market soon.  So there are pictures online for the prospective buyers’ convenience. She’s pointing to the rooms, her face lighting up as she rambles a little faster with each flip of the slideshow. 504 more words

Gen. Musings

Freshman Year Highlights

I would NEVER want to return to freshman year but when im lying in bed at night and trying to clear my mind so I can sleep, I can’t help but remember all the good times I had! 340 more words


How I wish

The cicadas are chirping as I lay down on the tatami mat, typing my feelings away.

I’m gonna come clean: I wish I have someone here with me who loves me. 96 more words