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the clash between the economy and the environment

it exists. today in my Political Science class, we erupted into a debate of whether it was possible to sustain the environment while still keeping the economy growing. 304 more words

Class Review

2:45 Thoughts

Hello internet.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. While that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing, it does mean that I’ve been putting this blog on the back-burner while I run myself haggard trying to keep up with a busier schedule. 649 more words

Verbal Daydreaming

the sound of the clock has begun to tick with the beating of my heart and i know that this is where i am supposed to be, 174 more words

My Life

Live Together Die Alone?

I’ve been thinking its the opposite. Live alone, die together. If we lived together, then why would the most important people in your life give you less attention then a wet soggy cigarette laying in a parking lot after a big storm.   124 more words


A guy I used to know once told me that I look empty. Maybe he was right. Maybe I am empty.

Right now, just writing like this makes me so emotional. 203 more words

You And I

I wasn’t born a princess locked up in a castle for protection.

I was born a knight, molded by life to fight and protect.

Late Night Thoughts

What i want

I want to runaway

by myself

to a place where no one knows me

and start anew.

I want to be be

the me that I wanted to be… 60 more words

Late Night Thoughts