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I’m kind of claustrophobic. Not that I fear the close and tight spaces. No. It is something like this: I fear the fact that I’ll be stuck and puzzled with this wry feeling, and that nobody, even myself, could get me out of the trance. 50 more words



Lying in bed, just now I got a flashback of something that happened, what seems like a life time ago, but in reality its been only a handful of months. 515 more words

Late Night Thoughts

Late night over-thinking is a bitch.

Although, it has resulted in an idea for a new post which I’m currently working on.
Expect it tomorrow.
Goodnight xoxo

2:27 a.m.

reminiscing what we had before,
good or bad
it is still quotable
my life wouldn’t be so fine
without your sugar-filled
blues and rhymes… 119 more words



“It’s no life in the shadow of another’s joys. Let me go freely now. One life I have lived for you. This one is mine.” …

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Late Night Thoughts

Early Morning Thinking?

I have school in a mere 7 hours, but I’m stuck awake pondering upon the purpose of life. I’ve heard many different philosophies trying to explain why life is the way it is and why we go through what we do. 933 more words


Joshua Renee

I hope the patters
of the pelting rain-march cleanse you.
From within and without.

I hope you find warmth
in blankets
and frozen toe-numbness.

I hope you find in your heart… 32 more words