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I Witness News - Fake Drake

While on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Drake goes around in a disguise interviewing people about him hosting the ESPYs.

Jimmy Fallon And Anne Hathaway Perform Hip-Hop Songs Broadway Style

Jimmy Fallon and Anne Hathaway decided to let their star power combine.

The two performed Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre’s “Gin and Juice” 50 Cents “In Da Club” … 104 more words

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Watch: Jimmy Fallon and Anne Hathaway sing Broadway version of "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe"

Amidst the massive lineup already set for this week, Jimmy Fallon squeezed in another, surprise musical guest on last night’s episode. Anne Hathaway singing Broadway might not sound like something worth watching, but when it’s Anne Hathaway singing Broadway versions of hip-hop songs, you just may let your guard down. 76 more words


Samuel L. Jackson Performing Boy Meets World Slam Poetry Is Everything You Never Knew You Needed

Look, you could argue that ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ is clearly pandering to reel in the millennial demographic that late night talk shows so desperately need, and is therefore filling his hours with more gimmicks and segments than you ever knew existed — but this makes it all okay. 118 more words

It's Jimmy Fallon's World and we're just living in it.

Jimmy Fallon has been a comedic staple on NBC since the early 2000′s. But his buildup to ultra-mega celebrity stardom has been a gradual progression that has made for a career and a reputation worth appreciating. 467 more words


VIDEO: Kim Kardashian Reveals Baby North West's Vogue Faux Pas

While Kim Kardashian‘s Vogue cover shoot with fiancé Kanye West and baby North was a “dream come true,” not all of it went perfectly. When Kardashian stopped by… 69 more words

Kevin Bacon Reprises His Epic Dance Scene From Footloose After Jimmy Fallon Bans Dancing On The Tonight Show

Last night, host Jimmy Fallon declared, to much audience consternation, that dancing had been banned on The Tonight Show. In protest, actor Kevin Bacon impressively reprised his epic final dance scene from Footloose, the 1984 film that shot him to stardom.