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Late Nights

Stay awake with me

My beloved plane of bright white

Don’t let me fall idle

Keep my hands nimble

I’ll plug you in

Give you my power… 16 more words


Thank you for making me realize that’s there is nothing here that’s even holding me back.

That my fear of going away because I feel like people will forget me is a total bullshit because the reality is they won’t even notice I’m gone.

Late Nights


I still have blood in my fingernails,


between the ridges in my


I bled heart beats

in strokes of paint brushes

and ink. 31 more words

Pen Collection

do you still bleed purple ink?

believe in white spark



golden energy?

do you splatter your thoughts

violently on platters

to feed the masses… 35 more words

Any other day of the week

I remember Tuesday.

It was frozen.

Lilies were dead.

Trees were silent.

I remember Tuesday.

Falling, I panicked.

I tried yelling.

I saw ice.

It was eyes. 40 more words

The way she writes her name gives me life.

downward pull,

I am nothing.

upward stroke,

curving to meet

at the start.

I am lost.

flow freedom

to a lag

in your thoughts.

I am trying.

twist and turn