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In the Garden 'til Midnight

One late summer evening, I met up with a certain beautiful animal research technician- not to discuss our common fondness of lab rats  (yes, I once worked with lab rats)- but to sit down with a cold Shiner Bock in one of the most beautiful spots in Dallas, the Nasher Sculpture Center garden.   133 more words


| tattoo (masculine noun) | /tatwaʒ/

If you who follow me on social media sites, you’re aware of my recent tattoo: “mad to live.” The quote hails from Jack Kerouac’s  350 more words

Pre-France Life

Thesis Diaries Day 231: Something better than a significant other is a significant result!

Well, at least for now.

If you have any kind of statistical background, you will know that when a result is significant, then it is reason enough for celebration. 367 more words

Late Nights

Long Live Late Nights.

Currently: Writing and reading. My 2 favorite hobbies, next to eating and people watching.

Thoughts: I both fear and admire the darkness. It’s ‘the unknown’ in… 45 more words

Day To Day

Heart of Night

Crisp gusts shake bones

Self-reflecting of varied tones

Your solitude is your friend

And it is your ally in the freckled starlit sky


Every emotion unhinges… 240 more words


Doesn't look a thing like jesus....(But he talks like a gentlemen)

I think the definition of coke should be the devil and Jesus intertwined. Coke is amazing and everything I’ve ever needed. Also, it could ruin my life if I had no self control.  993 more words