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sleepless dreams.

i want to want to smoke
i want to want to drink
i want to want to think
i want to want to want again. 127 more words


Late Night Discoveries

I am a night owl… we’re talking most productive at 3am…and incredibly unproductive in the mornings. It’s a miracle, on my days off if I don’t get up before 12. 186 more words



Late nights and insomnia. Thoughts better left untold, notice you are tired and lurk into the forefront. Expressed as spew of words, paper meets pen.


Burning the Midnight Oil

Sometimes I just need a minute to step back and relax. Find a quiet spot away from everyone and really take some time to let myself reflect on the day. 265 more words


Journey to nowhere ?

Ever since we’ve known each other it’s always been different ?
Since I’ve gotten to know you I’ve felt as if we just click in so many ways that it just seems to be perfect ! 50 more words


Midnight Undertakings

so strange to think

how soon

how long

my lips carve sparkles

pupils blown

wide and dark

with studied anticipation

the well is filled with giddiness… 31 more words

Poetic Words