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one of those nights

Ever have one of those nights where all of a sudden, the day you had that was actually decent doesn’t even matter because your mood completely shifted? 104 more words

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Producing a Play is Like Having a Baby

Let’s have a baby – The Beginning

The part when everyone is excited.  The happy couple tells everyone they know that they’re expecting and people crying and congratulating and then crying some more.   854 more words


Getting Me Through The Night

Proverbs 3:5-6 is getting me through the night right now. I am so tired and I should be sleeping, but I can’t. This lack of sleep is making me crazy. 149 more words


Wacky Wednesday: Late Nights, Social Interaction, and Glorified Omelettes

First of all, am I even spelling “omelette” right?! Because I’ve seen it spelled both “omelet” and “omelette” and my autocorrect thing on the computer doesn’t mark it as wrong so I am very conflicted right now. 776 more words


It’s April 11th 2014 , 12 : 27 am and as usual I can’t sleep . I want to . I try to but whenever I close my eyes I can feel my heart start racing and suddenly it’s getting harder to breathe . 587 more words

happy, lazy, rainy, perfect sunday

I’m at a loss for words. I am exhausted and floating around on cloud nine. Last night was just – beyond - and the goofy grins my Sir and I have today, along with… nope. 80 more words

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