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Your Guide To Coffee Shops That Don’t Close At 10 PM

As anyone who’s lived in Los Angeles for more than a few months can tell you, Los Angeles is not a city for nightlife. Maybe it’s because half the city is exhausted from their juice cleanse and the other half is determined to wake up early enough to squeeze in a morning yoga class, but the nightlife—or lack thereof—may be the city’s greatest downfall (after traffic of course). 517 more words

The Night Owl's Guide To The Perfect Morning

As a culture, we heap a lot of praise on so-called morning people, but there’s nothing wrong with being a night owl. Many of history’s most creative people did their best work at night, finding that the quiet and solitude — and in some cases, their inability to sleep — brought out their best ideas. 46 more words


Bonfire Essentials

Hey Coolest Kids!

Since most of us have summer break, which includes staying up late with friends and family, and watching the sun set. I though I would share some of my bonfire essentials. 164 more words

Closing Times

The closing of a bar is an odd thing.

Regardless of the region, every local bar seem to subscribe to some collective agreement on closing times. 246 more words



Stay in touch

Talking to you has always been a pleasure,

Memories yet remain in my treasure!

Day or night, you never refuse,

Or try escape with an excuse. 60 more words

My Poems

1 Day 1 World Project 12:00 am - 1:00 am

How many of us have late night Diner stories ready to share with just a bit of prompting?  John and I each have some fun memories of long hours spent with friends in the red vinyl booths of a neighborhood Denny’s. 401 more words


Things I do instead of sleeping

Let’s talk about sleeping. Well not quite, more about not sleeping, at all.

I sleep about 4 hours a night and not because I have to.   365 more words

My Thoughts