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Automate your bill payments

Life happens. You are not the only person to forget to pay a bill or not have access to your account when a payment was due. 203 more words

Financial Empowerment

Taxpayers demand trustees' removal after late water payments

Just South of the Quad Cities some people in the village of North Henderson, Illinois are demanding board members get the boot. It all comes down to unpaid or late water payments. 300 more words


What happens to your credit when you don't pay your taxes?

by Paul Sisolak, GoBankingRates.com

Missing the tax deadline is like missing a car payment — and your credit scores could get smacked.

Look up the word “deadline” in your online dictionary of choice, and it should be accompanied by an IRS logo. 959 more words


8 Road Tested Ways to Boost Your Credit Score

Credit scores are like your driving record: They take into account years of past behavior, not just your present actions.
In addition to making the right moves, you also have to be consistent. 639 more words

Correction: Illinois Schools-State Payments story

CHICAGO (AP) — In a July 9 story about Illinois making its school grant payments on time, The Associated Press misidentified the state retirement system that the state previously overpaid. 591 more words


Don’t plan anything, other than plan to change

Our approach to product development here at Ormsby Street follows an approach that means we only plan so far in advance, which is typically only a period of 2-4 weeks. 495 more words

Cashflow And Financial Management

Top 5 Tips For Chasing Invoice Payments

Don’t you just hate it when people don’t pay their invoices on time?

You’ve done the work.  You’ve given them 30 days to pay it.  And when day 31 arrives you still can’t see the money in your bank or a cheque on your desk. 487 more words

Cashflow And Financial Management