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Windows 8.1: What's the point?

So my computer finally forced me into Windows 8.1, and I have to say, this has to be the most pointless update in the history of Windows. 273 more words

Bill Gates

Wriggler: Found outside yesterday!

Found this mini-beast climbing trying to climb up the side of the bird bath yesterday so there was great excitement! It was ‘saved’ from drowning and put on the path (which looks mountainous here) for a photograph.It was very lively! 54 more words


fight #2

Second fight I have heard that lasted more than a few minutes (I am not really counting the shorter ones). This was at least 2 hours, starting around 11PM. 33 more words

Upstairs Neighbors

Ah, the scars that a bad work experience can leave

Having had the pleasure of working since I was 15, I have seen several guises of management, working conditions and practices. In my latter years one of the most common frustrations amongst my office colleagues was the lack of support for flexible working. 420 more words

I'm not high I'm just weird

Hey hey fellow carbon based sentient life forms! how are you enjoying your oxygen and the compound made by two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen? 63 more words

falsche richtung

Deep space sunset flowers,
direction discussion needed! — http://ift.tt/1sSruFW by Trancerapid