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The End of the Night

When you don’t say you love me at the end of the night,
I can’t stop thinking that I can never do you right.
I toss and I turn over this and over that, 866 more words

Thinking Of Jane

The Writer: Part 2

Every now and then my mind goes places. At first it was just an evening’s fun but then it became something else entirely. Mind games are being shot up into me as if it’s an addiction that I cannot stop. 945 more words


No. 005: shooting myself in the foot

Date five is a buy-in. That’s right, a buy-in. I’m a bit of an asshole, and in order for my nearest and dearest to gain access to my blog I’ve mandated that they first set me up on one date. 682 more words

Busting a Mission to Budapest

Holidays have connotations of easy-going fun and relaxation. However, often times vacations end up having some sort of mishap or full on disaster. I pretty much had a full on disaster trying to catch my flight to Budapest. 191 more words


Having just passed the 4 week mark of being on this course and having spoken to a lot of the 3rd and 4th year architects, I’ve come to the conclusion that the act of sleep is something that becomes a ‘want’ rather than a ‘need’. 47 more words


Late Night.

Under construction.

I’ll try my best not to screw up this time.
I’ll carefully plan the sections of every post I’ll make.
I’ll not share this site of mine, rather let them discover. 13 more words

Spark To Firewater

Let the record show

That the  burns  this aesthete

Chooses to exhibit here,

What we can see,

He claims is the direct result (& consequence) 8 more words