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It's Too Late to Apologize

Well, as I’m thinking about writing this post I’m almost sure a ton of emotions will instantly flood my mind and body. Even though I’m afraid of revisiting those times and emotions, I think it’s good to release some of those feelings and figure out ways to gain control of them, and better yet, to fix the problem. 688 more words


all the nonsense about being scared and stuff, danggggg.

fearless courage, where art thou? you used to hear my call.

come back oh come back. 34 more words


The Affect of Late Mortgage Payments on Credit Scores

Consumers who are late on their mortgage payments have no idea how badly their credit scores can be affected, nor how long it takes to repair the damage. 9 more words

All Is Lost

I was late but hung on to a glimmer of hope that she might have waited. Those hopes faded as I wandered up and down the deserted avenue.

52 more words
Flash Fiction

In the Small Hours

So I throw myself over the cliff into sleep
And fall in slow motion,
Hoping that tomorrow will provide a softer landing.
I close my eyes and brain, 10 more words



One is less, we want more Two is too much, but let’s try four It’s not working, I just don’t know Too late to solve, but try forevermore!

Zainab Bint Husain


Something Germans Are Great At!

Something most* Germans are great at, should actually be the real title. This one thing is being on time! Unless we are talking about the Deutsche Bahn, and one of my girlfriends friends. 539 more words