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Julian: 2nd Excerpt

Yes, I am late. Yes, I am almost a week late.

During my time away, I moved into college. It’s not as glamorous as people make out (I would rather just live in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere ALONE). 4,123 more words


You're Too Late

I went to get my eyebrows arched but when I got to the store 15 minutes before closing time, the lady said you’re too late. I thought to myself, wow, I’m too late for you to take my money. 94 more words

Fiancé of Late nurse, Obi Ejelonu, gets Admitted As Ebola Suspect


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“According to Sahara Reporters, the fiancĂ© of Obi Ejelonu, the nurse who died of the Ebola virus after being infected by Patrick Sawyer, is suspected to have contracted the Ebola virus from his late fiance. 52 more words

open door

Last night the upstairs neighbors came home in the evening. A little while later I took my dog outside and saw that their door was wide open. 48 more words

Odd Behavior

An interview and a dance class

I was dyeing my hair but not doing it very carefully. I mixed a couple of colours – red and a bit of blonde, but didn’t consider until it was to late that I should have started with the roots like I usually do. 525 more words

2 jobs = no life

I have literally done nothing except go to work and eat and try to sleep for longer hours. I have successful done 2 out of 3. 347 more words