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A Bittersweet Journey: From Shame to Grace

Rising from His seat in the synagogue in Nazareth, His home, Jesus stood to read this most important passage from Isaiah declaring that He was the long-awaited Messiah: … 929 more words


Don't believe what they say ...

It’s a sad fact that, in life, we are going to come across some seriously hurtful people.

Hurtful people can be hurtful in a variety of different way. 440 more words

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5 Tips for Building a Thriving Wellbeing Practice

5 Tips for building a successful wellbeing practice and setting your business alight

1. Be clear about your message

If you’re not clear about your message, it will be very difficult to speak with conviction to others about who you are and what you represent. 583 more words

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The Banquet

The advocacy work has settled into a steady rhythm of clients abruptly realizing you can’t keep living life a certain way without something happening to change it. 1,583 more words


5 Signs Your Company is in the Dark Ages

One of our vendors recently asked me to fax a form to them … really, a fax? So I started thinking, what are the signs that a company has not kept up with the times and is stuck in the dark ages? 600 more words

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A Tickler From God

“They can see the problem, but they don’t have the parts to fix it,”  I told my husband over the phone.  “They’ll order the part,” I continued, “but it could be 10-14 days before we hear back from them.” 332 more words

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Fall ISSTs day three round-up

Boys Varsity Soccer:

Boys varsity soccer 0-1 ACS Cobham (Gold Medal Game) – Match Report

All-Tournament players: Bjorn Sigurdsson (’15), Alex Von-Daehne (’15) and Harry Nevins (’18) 84 more words