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Imports of Goods in Peru Are Down by 1.5%

Peru reported a 1.5% decline in imports of goods from January to July of 2014 in comparison with the same period the year before, totaling purchases at US$24,816,000,000 according to the Chamber of Commerce of Lima (CCL). 113 more words


Peru: Import of Raw Plastic Pipe Materials Will Exceed $173,000,000 This Year

The import of inputs for the manufacturing of pipes and fittings will reach $173,100,000 at year-end due to the demand for polyvinyl chloride pipe (PVC) estimated by the consultant Maximixe. 165 more words


Uruguay, Pepe, and Pot

Whether you agree or disagree, one has to be impressed by the political leadership of Uruguay’s President, ‘Pepe” Mujica. After decades of failed or lackluster policies of making marijuana a police and criminal justice issues, Mujica has taken the bold leadership position of trying something different. 34 more words

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Venezuela government using fingerprints to control what you buy

Venezuela’s government has opted for a controversial fingerprinting system in private supermarkets to make sure people get a certain ration of basic products, to fight product hoarding and avoid these products being sold black market. 309 more words

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5 Reflections on Recycling...

     It’s recycle day in my neighborhood.  Every Friday — newspapers, cans, glass, cardboard, plastic.  The sound of the back-up beeper on the trash truck got me to thinking.  520 more words

News headlines from around the world...

News headlines from around the world.


  • Senegal closes border closure with Guinea.
  • A woman who was gang-raped and burned in her house tells a DR Congo war crimes trial she saw an army colonel give the orders.
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Say no to Drug!

Please Say no to Drug!

No Demand = No Supply!