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Welcome to Latin America - Lessons from Billy

As my best friend slouched on the bench, leaning back and making a thorough circumspection of the park and all the talent on offer, his eyes landed on some beautiful gringa nervously shuffling through the park. 667 more words


Leticia: gateway to the Amazon

A sweaty, smelly, noisy, dirty gateway nestled on the border of Colombia, Brazil and Peru. It’s non-existent borders and apathetic law enforcement means it attracts a certain crowd and there is definitely a law-less frisson in the air and the feeling that anything goes in Leticia, if you know where to look. 805 more words


Gabriel García Márquez (1927-2014) - Nobel Lecture 'The Solitude of Latin America'


Nobel Lecture, 8 December, 1982


The Solitude of Latin America
Antonio Pigafetta, a Florentine navigator who went with Magellan on the first voyage around the world, wrote, upon his passage through our southern lands of America, a strictly accurate account that nonetheless resembles a venture into fantasy. 1,864 more words

Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Se nos fue

Memorable quotes from a master storyteller.

All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret.

From the Paris Review Interviews, Gabriel García Márquez, The Art of Fiction No.

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अगर दुबारा जन्म लेना पड़ा तो मैं गैबो की ज़िदगी जीना चाहूंगा: फिदल कास्त्रो

बहुत साल बाद, जब वे फ़ायरिंग स्क्वॉड के सामने खड़े थे, कर्नल ऑरेलिनो बुएंदिया को वह दोपहर याद आ रही थी, जब उनके पिता उन्हें बर्फ़ दिखलाने ले गए थे.’ 10 more words

The Feminist

Exit Gabriel García Márquez

“Death really did not matter to him but life did, and therefore the sensation he felt…was not a feeling of fear but of nostalgia.”

—Gabriel Gárcia Márquez on death, 

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