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Some Thoughts on the Death of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I was reading the final pages of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Of Love and Other Demons when I learned the news of his death.

In this brief novel of just over a hundred pages we meet the daughter of a plantation owner. 448 more words


Final Project: Latin American Literature

“Can I make a movie? Can we have a feast? Oooh, can mine be a meal? Mine’s going to be a painting–I’m so excited!”

I’d been struggling for a few weeks to come up with an innovative but substantive final project for my seniors, one that would engage them as they wind down their high school careers but still challenge them to produce. 292 more words


20th April 2014

On Thursday, April 17th, President Juan Manuel Santos declared three days of national mourning in observance of the death of Gabriel García Márquez, or “Gabo,” as he is affectionately known.   1,090 more words


Holy Thursday: On García Márquez's Death

How do you mourn someone you’ve never met?

When I heard of Gabriel García Márquez’s passing I was struck by sudden, unexpected grief. My voice broke as I told my daughter, who knew García Márquez’s name before that of any middle grade author. 688 more words

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Magic Realism of Marquez : A priceless loss

The style of magic realism uses realistic details alongside magical details. Thus the ordinary is joined with fantasy in way that invites the reader to accept both in trying to make sense of the text. 745 more words

Weekly Tumblr Dump 4/18/14

Cien años de soledad  is one of my favorite books from the magic realism style he created. While I don’t think it’s apparent, my writing DNA has a considerable amount of Gabo in it. 80 more words


Gabriel Garcia Marquez's death - my personal feelings

Garcia Marquez death – the world’s literature looses, in my opinion, he was the master of the “magical realism”.

In April 16th, the death of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, also kindly known by “Gabo”, is announced. 374 more words

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