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12 South American Foods to Try at the Source

I confess, I’m a bit of a moonlighter. By day I work in travel, by night I write about food. Of course, these two things are destined to go hand-in-hand, so it was only a matter of time before I got the chance to channel my South American food expertise into my day job. 32 more words

Latin American

#latinamericancook~Chiles Relleno with Corn

Disclaimer: For those that receive this in your email. Pop over to my blog to get a better idea of what’s been going on there- lot’s of good stuff you may have been missing out on and you can read this post there too. 842 more words


Soul Sounds: World Jazz - Strunz & Farah

The Music

“S&F’s music is perhaps best described as original multi-cultural acoustic instrumental improvisational guitar music, or world jazz. Their music emphasizes and luxuriates in sensuous melody and rhythm with a colorful and passionate expression, and is saturated with their cultural roots. 379 more words


Atole de Elote and Fried Plaintain

I love the kitchen’s ability to transport me to another place.  Cooking traditional recipes from around the world  satisfies my inner Wanderluster while giving me a sense of exploration in an everyday task.   465 more words


Self-flagellation Penitents by Guy Veloso

Guy Veloso. Penitents. Self-flagellation ritual. Juazeiro-Bahia, Brazil. 2014. Digital.

Penitents Project

Invited by the curators Moacir dos Anjos e Agnaldo Farias, Guy Veloso showed his experimental documentary… 323 more words

Guy Veloso

#latinamericancook~Creamy Venezuelan Avocado Sauce

True Fact: Venezuela is number 2 in the world when it comes to eating the most pasta. No lie. Number 1 billing goes to Italy. But this an avocado post, you say. 187 more words


Kòrsou anfitrion di “Latin American Tour Operator Symposium 2014”

WILLEMSTAD – Den e dianan aki Kòrsou ta anfitrion di ‘Latin American Tour Operator Symposium 2014’ (LATOS) ku lo konta ku partisipashon di 23 mayorista den industria turístiko for di Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador i Colombia. 405 more words

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