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funambulist (fyu̇-ˈnam-byə-list)

A funambulist is a tightrope walker. Funambulist contains the Latin roots fun- meaning rope and ambul- meaning walk. This word literally means “rope walker!” One of the most famous funambulists is Jean-Francois Gravelet, known as “The Great Blondin”. 91 more words


Phrasal Verbs y la historia del idioma inglesa

I’m preparing lessons for my trip to the Dominican Republic this summer where I will be teaching English as a Foreign Language. When I’m learning, I like to know why and not just what, so I thought I would share this short, explanation on why we tend to use phrasal verbs when speaking to EFL students whose first language is rooted in Latin… and think we’re doing them a favor even when they would understand our longer words more easily. 460 more words

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