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Silvana name means of the Forest

Local Origin of Name: English
From the Latin name Silva

Meaning: Of the Forest

Emotional Spectrum • No frowns on this face!
Personal Integrity • She has a reverence for truth. 75 more words


Sidonia name means woman from the Sidon

Local Origin of Name: Latin
From the Latin name Sidonia

Meaning: ‘Woman from Sidon’

Emotional Spectrum • A sensible person with sensible emotions.
Personal Integrity • No one is more worthy of trust. 70 more words


Tempus praesens historicum: the historic present.

I did enjoy hearing the spat between Melvin Bragg and John Humphrys on the use of the historic present.


I generally avoid the historic present in my own writing, but I am with Melvyn in this debate, in that I am relaxed about historians’ use of the present tense when writing about the past. 476 more words


The trousers of regret

I feel the need to talk about pants.

When speaking of pants, one might talk about the color, the material or the zipper. One might even fall into a discussion about when it’s vital to wear pants, or when it’s not okay to play with the zipper. 664 more words


Erravi. Moeen nunc armillas non gestat. I was wrong. Moeen is not now wearing his wristbands.

Erravi. Senatus Pilae Clavaeque Anglicus tacuit de armillis a Moeene gestatis, sed ludi iudex ei dixit non oporteat verba politica praeferre. Hodie ICC iudice consentiunt et nunc Moeen armillas non gestat. 42 more words



By: Ovid

Original Language: Latin

Status: read


Starting point of an event or institution; the act of starting something. Latin “inceptionem”=beginning < “incipere”=to begin.