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Women of Juárez

Spoken word poet, Amalia Ortiz, describes the femicides going on at the U.S.-Mexican border.


No Pain, No Gain (?):

Yesterday was a little bit rough coming off of Spring Break – none of us felt very motivated, but thankfully today was much better. We are learning about the Ancient Mayans for history and the kids have been fascinated by some of their strange customs including body modifications like molding infants’ heads to a pointy shape, filing their teeth to look like fangs, piercings, and tattooing (OUCH!!!). 167 more words


A set of two things used or found together. Old French “paire” < Latin “paria”=equal things.”


PANGE LINGUA- (Latin to english translation)

Published on Feb 28, 2013

Pange Lingua Gloriosi Corporis Mysterium is a hymn written by St Thomas Aquinas (1225–1274) for the Feast of Corpus Christi . 30 more words


Mea Culpa

In general, languages have always been my strong suit and I have always greatly favoured them over exact sciences. I could never quite master the art of pairing numbers with letters and finding any logic in it, despite the tutoring sessions and the extra work over summer… Ah, to be sixteen and chained to a desk in the middle of summer with the threat of being held back a year hanging over you. 896 more words


We Need To Talk About... Re: Defining 'Discovery'

Next week Ancestry.com will release its first quarter figures 2014. They’re expected to be their best yet. It’s the world’s biggest family history website with approximately 2.7 million paying subscribers across its multiple platform. 482 more words

Clades Gravissima in monte altissima: very high death-toll on the highest mountain.


Everesta mons altissima in orbe terrarum praestat. Homines montani ad cacumen Everstae ascendere volunt ut se peritissimi et fortissimi confirmant, sed res est valde periculosa. Die Jovis casus nivis glacieique de monte repente descendit et moles ingens homines plurimos de rupibus verrit. 155 more words