How the GOP is quietly using Koch money to woo Latinos

There have been countless of Latino activist organizations in the barrios of cities in the Southwest over the last half century, though none like the LIBRE Initiative that has been quietly ingratiating itself over the past few years. 710 more words


Why the next Arizona governor will need to make amends with Latinos

Whoever is elected as the next Arizona governor will have a difficult time repairing a damaged relationship with Latinos, political experts contend.

In Arizona, it’s no secret that Republican Gov. 1,270 more words


A Latina is running in one of the top state-level races to watch

She describes herself as a sixth-generation Tejana whose family has been living in Texas even before it was a state. She is also a mother of six, a practicing pharmacist and a state senator. 986 more words


New America Alliance rolls out report on issues affecting Latinos

The New America Alliance Institute laid out a report of important issues affecting the nation’s 54 million Latinos and made recommendations on behalf of this vastly growing population. 686 more words


Many Latino voters have lost faith in the political system

There’s a possibility that many Latino voters will stay home and not vote at all during the November midterm elections, because they’ve lost faith in the political system. 718 more words


Campaign begins in Coachella to step up Latino voters

Mi Familia Vota, a national nonprofit working to generate political involvement in Latino communities, is spreading a campaign in Coachella to prepare for the November elections. 57 more words


The GOP lust for Latinos picks up steam

Ronald Reagan once said that Latinos were Republicans. They just didn’t know it yet.

Never before has the GOP hoped those words were truer than in the upcoming fall elections leading into the 2016 American electoral marathon better known as the presidential campaign. 839 more words