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Top 5 Ways Obama Punked the GOP on Immigration; and the 2016 Campaign

Source: Reader Supported News

Author: Juan Cole

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The 2016 presidential election will be very different from the 2014 congressional midterms just held. In the off years, turnout is… 582 more words

Hillary will not run ! Vol 58

If the child of your middle years is actually a small dog, you must be a Boomer !

Watching the US mid-term election cycle, Boomers should take away a few lessons on the future, lessons that will have an impact on your planning – you are planning, right ! 913 more words

Life Accomplishments

Latino support for the president's strategy, doesn't amount to a majority

The Obama White House is counting on strong Latino support as the president rolls out his executive edict legalizing millions of currently illegal immigrants. But a new poll suggests Latino approval of unilateral presidential action isn’t all that strong. 265 more words


Los hispanos se hospitalizan menos

La paradoja hispana es como se define la mayor expectación de vida en la población latina a pesar de sus altas tasas de enfermedades cardiovasculares y su peor estatus económico. 325 more words