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The Value of the Black Life

As i sat in my friend’s room this weekend, I listened to him discuss a performance piece he created for his Performing Justice course.  His performance dealt with how he felt being a Black male in America. 220 more words

In "La Busqueda," or the Search of Building Bridges

Let’s admit it,  praise is a priceless gift that bestows upon the recipient a sense of accomplishment and commends the giver for selflessly recognizing how others compliment their purpose. 256 more words


Today's Hollywood Does Not Reflect The "Real America"

A study released earlier this month shows that it’s very rare to see a Latino actor or actress in a Hollywood film, even though Latinos make up about 17 percent of the American population. 306 more words

Se reduce el apoyo de los latinos a Obama

Los latinos apoyan cada vez menos al presidente Barack Obama.

Una reciente encuesta de McClatchy-Marist indica que sólo un 34 por ciento de los latinos entrevistados aprueba la labor de Obama como presidente, mientras que un 46 por ciento está en desacuerdo y un 20 no está seguro. 419 more words


"The Right’s Impeachment Trap": How Pundits Blame Obama For GOP Extremism

Every once in a while, those of us who were slow to board the magical Barack Obama 2008 Hope and Change Express get to say “We told you so,” and then go back to work. 1,049 more words