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Features: Angelo Marconi and Boomer Banks

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One of the newest from Falcon. Hot Italian dudes going at it. This is a good one!



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Features: Jimmy Durano and Rey Luis

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Check out the 411 on this amazing hot video from Raging Stallion below the pics.

I got off to this big time. 182 more words


Temple Journalism Students To Begin Minority Issues Beat

Malcolm X once said, “America preaches integration and practices segregation.” Unfortunately, the media, which tends to be the mouthpiece of the government, can be blamed of the same hypocrisy. 262 more words


What about your history and theology?

What is Texas’ role in the perpetuation of the West’s misrepresentation of Christianity that redirects a reader with a misunderstanding about an Eastern Faith tradition? How does the state that leads the nation in executions, as it disregards in depth history of other cultures beyond the European anglo-Saxon in the USA, while suppressing South Americans fleeing from the realities of poverty become the nation’s voice/primary source for HIStory and CHRISTian EDUcation? 11 more words

Latino entrepreneurship is on the rise. But is that always a good thing?  

 Los Jacales, Houston, Texas

Some comments I gave at a congressional briefing on immigrant enterprise, September 12, 2014, in Washington D.C.

Recent census figures indicate that Latinos now constitute the largest American minority group. 1,522 more words


Democrats Turning On Obama

President Obama’s failure to engage in a plethora of crises confronting his administration has worked the Republicans into a frenzy. But shockingly, the president is beginning to feel the heat from his own party. 51 more words

Dick Morris

Register Free for the Global Latino Summit today!

We are days away from the launch of the Global Latino Summit, a GROUNDBREAKING online conference featuring daily inspirational sessions with some of the world’s most influential Hispanic trailblazers and thought leaders. 235 more words