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"I Made It All Up and It Came True Anyway": Reflections on Bruno Latour

(Reblogged from The Religious Studies Project. Follow the link to listen to the interview mentioned in the text.)

The story goes that somewhere on the West Coast of Africa, sometime in the 17th Century, some Portuguese colonials came upon natives worshiping idols made of wood and clay. 1,437 more words


On Humans, Non-Humans and the Unity of Nature: Aristotle and Latour

I wrote most of this post in Nafplio, living close to nature.  The photograph is of the abandoned robin’s nest found in our hanging ivy planter. 3,218 more words


Science and History: Foucault, Delaporte, Latour and Woolgar on Our Diverse Historical Practices

The historiography of science is becoming an increasingly complex affair. Since at least the 1930s, historians have grown more aware that scientific frameworks originate in very particular circumstances which are neither totally intellectual nor wholly social in character. 2,927 more words


Modernism: Objects and quasi-objects in Woolf’s To the Lighthouse

This is the second in a series of two posts about the ‘subject’ and ‘objects’ of Woolf’s To the Lighthouse, in relaiton to the literary studies unit on modernism I will be teaching this coming semester. 1,715 more words


[SUS] - a sustainable mode of being

What characterizes a “Sustainable mode of being, a ?

As noted, each mode must define (Latour, 2013):

  • A hiatus (gap, threshold, break, discontinuity, danger, challenge) to overcome.
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Use Latours modes of existence directly for circumstances of sustainability?

Using directly for circumstances, modeule 3 in our framework for sustainable design,  is difficult in its current state. The main problem is that AIME so far is an ambitious attempt to understand modernity using the modes of existence. 578 more words

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