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Week 4: The ANTs will soon be here. And I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.

The readings for this week were far shorter, and lesser in number than previous weeks, so I don’t think I have the luxury of being able to gloss over the compendium of responses. 653 more words

Erewhon: Man’s very soul is due to the machines

Bruno Latour’s book Aramis or the love of technology begins by mentioning the fascinating work of the Victorian novelist Samuel Butler and his book Erewhon (so needless to say I got distracted). 844 more words

Urban Arrangements

Great NJ restaurant finds

There is a town nearby in New Jersey called Ridgewood that is pretty cute, has a great main street with good shopping and is perfect for getting a city (more like well-established town) fix without actually going to NYC. 720 more words


Caputo Lectures on the "New Materialism"

Here are John D. Caputo’s two lectures from the Philadelphia Summer School in Continental Philosophy (thanks again for a great day Leon Niemoczynski!) on the “New Materialism”/”Speculative Realism” 11 more words


the two-culture debate itself

But where does the two-culture debate itself originate? In a division of labor between the two sides of the campus. One camp deems the sciences accurate only when they have been purged of any contamination by subjectivity, politics, or passion; the other camp, spread much more widely, deems humanity, morality, subjectivity, or rights worthwhile only when they have been protected from any contact with science, technology, and objectivity.

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"I Made It All Up and It Came True Anyway": Reflections on Bruno Latour

(Reblogged from The Religious Studies Project. Follow the link to listen to the interview mentioned in the text.)

The story goes that somewhere on the West Coast of Africa, sometime in the 17th Century, some Portuguese colonials came upon natives worshiping idols made of wood and clay. 1,437 more words