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Fine Wine Auction

I had considerable trouble working out how to write this post.  I planned to begin with something really brilliant, so that I could share my infectious enthusiasm, and then to list as many well known wines as I could legitimately fit into couple of short… 386 more words


Some thoughts about ants...


  • numbers,
  • stealthy,
  • inquisitive,
  • biting.


  • limited intelligence,
  • small,
  • slow moving,
  • sugar.

Foucault, Governmentality and Critique

It’s only been out a couple of years, but the copy of Thomas Lemke’s 2012 book in the JNU library is already well-thumbed and annotated.  In the chapter ‘Genealogy of the Modern State’, Lemke outlines Foucault’s work on the relationships between power and knowledge and the rise of modern forms of state-based governance.  167 more words

The Anthropomorphism of the Grape: A Wine Tour (with Jane Bennett & Bruno Latour)

About a month ago I took a rather unexpected tour of a wine vineyard just outside of Sedona, Arizona. Despite the hot temperatures and my general lack of knowledge about wine, I quite enjoyed the tour. 1,092 more words


An "interview" with Laboratory Life

Note: Reading Latour’s “Laboratory Life”, I found that there were too many great quotes to summarize. Having once been chastened by a High School teacher that “when there is a great writer, you should let them have their voice”, I thought that a Q&A with the book would be a suitable way to get the ideas across. 2,297 more words


International Cabernet Day: Sueño Profundo 2012 Stag's Leap Cabernet Sauvignon

Happy International Cabernet Day!

This is one of my more frequently enjoyed varieties, and I’m always happy to enjoy it with friends and family, or even alone, if I must. 507 more words

My Wine Reviews

Week 4: The ANTs will soon be here. And I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.

The readings for this week were far shorter, and lesser in number than previous weeks, so I don’t think I have the luxury of being able to gloss over the compendium of responses. 653 more words