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Obama gives military latrine duty new meaning....U.S. Navy building toilets in KENYA!!

The Obama administration lately has demanded much from American soldiers, who now face possible reductions in the number in their ranks as well as higher payments toward their health benefits. 661 more words

What's Been Going On?

Some glimpses into what we’ve been up to lately….

Helping a Ngöbe woman use wire cutters while building pit latrines in another PCVs site.

T-Minus 30 Hours

We are home from Panama!
Pictured above are Eric, Pat, Me, Brittany & Jessica after we landed in Newark (Jimmie & Don landed in different airports) 185 more words


Why rain doesn't have to turn into a catastrophe

During the night of February 9, I was woken by the sound of a powerful downpour. Burundi was being hit by torrential rains. Little did I know at the time just what the consequences of this severe weather would be: a death toll of 77, a tragic 70% of which were children. 549 more words


All access pass

We went to this site on our first day in Akko as Tourists. Today, we got to go as archaeologists, past the locked gates and around the “Do Not Enter” signs. 45 more words


Latrine Land Debacle

When beginning the second round of latrines, interested individuals proved their commitment by gathering the necessary materials and digging their holes. Before each house dug their hole, the District Environmental Officer came to my community so that we could visit each home in order to advise on them on where to dig their hole. 762 more words

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