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Composting latrine vs. flush toilet: A crowd-funded study

Composting latrine vs. flush toilet: A crowd-funded study | Source: by Rob Goodier, EngineeringForChange, Aug 2014 |

Excerpt: What we know is that composting toilets have clear ecological and economical advantages over flush toilets. 212 more words

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Why PM Modi talk about toilets on India’s Independence Day

The Delhi-based elites would most probably snigger at PM Narendra Modi’s first Independence Day speech today from the ramparts of the Red Fort. They’d probably feel ashamed that the leader of an emerging superpower who is acclaimed as the Iron Man, should have plunged headlong to speak about toilets and shit on such a solemn occasion. 707 more words

Soil Banking With Biochar: proposition for a migrating latrine system aimed at permanent soil improvement

“The idea is to have a sort of trench system that would serve both as a latrine, and as a means of permanently improving the soil.”

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July 11, 2014 Jim writing:

Today is the day I take the three guys from La Chispa – so last night I bought the groceries we would need. 1,038 more words

Conversations in Rubira

Last Tuesday brought me to the sister towns of Rubira and Rwakashande. These farming towns are located less than an hour’s drive from Kabale and are home to 3,000 people–mostly subsistence farmers. 1,405 more words