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Twice the charm at Commune

Have you ever had that feeling where you had to go to the same place twice? You know deep down that place was special and that it deserves a 2nd chance. 408 more words


Arabica, Ibrik, Rosetta.

I learn something new every day. I didn’t know for example that there are two main coffee bean types namely Arabica and Robusta. But really there is just one – Arabica. 312 more words


Awesome Daily #113: Latte art

In my entire life, I’ve maybe drunk two or three cups of coffee/coffee drinks, and while I didn’t really like any of them (except for… 83 more words

Awesome Daily

Latte Art

I am still working on “Latte Art @ home” – and I cannot say I had much success lately. So far there was one stroke of luck… 42 more words


Rocanini Roasters and Canadian Western Regional Barista Championships

I have a confession to make. I drink coffee. Despite my social media profile and what the internet tells you, this avid tea drinker also enjoys a good cup of joe. 393 more words


Folklore Coffee & Co.: Musings from Hershey

Ah, Pennsylvania, USA, the lovely location for chocolate, happiness and sunshine. It’s not just the dairy state, people, it has “Chocolate Town,” USA!

I was in Chocolate Town a few weeks back for business, and knew immediately that there would be some amazing desserts to try. Not just desserts, but the chocolate specifically, and also the coffee. With big cows moo-ing all around the PA pastures, I figured the cafe-au-lait would be a delicious choice; PA is known for its milk.  I love my coffee with milk, as you can tell from past reviews. Rare do I take it black.

After some meticulous research on coffee shops close to my hotel, I settled upon Folklore Coffee & Co.. They’re technically in Elizabethtown, but it’s not far from downtown Hershey.  Part of the reason I ultimately chose them? The…