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Latte Art

Order a latte or any other beverage with foam at a coffee shop -in particular, a small, independent coffee shop – and there is a good chance you may get a little more than you expected to receive. 174 more words


Twins Coffee Roasters, bringing latte art and the flat white to Istanbul

The place: Twins Coffee Roasters 
The offerings: latte, cappuccino, espresso, filter coffee, Turkish coffee, and more
Price range: 4-8 TL
The pros: A real cup of coffee in the center of Istanbul complete with freshly ground espresso and lovely latte art… 337 more words


The Zombie Fix

One of the perks of being a barista, is that the daily essential pick-me-up, known as coffee, is brewed every morning into our routine. Now if you truly share this drip passion for crafting the ultimate joe, then you’ve realized getting to esspress yo’self at that ultimate level can be a real grind. 161 more words

Dominic Durocher

Get Lost. With Pleasure.

the barista just handed me my coffee
served with an apology

I’m trying to improve my coffee art
it didn’t really work
but I promise it’ll taste just as good… 942 more words


Coffee Changes Things

Coffee has changed lives. The ones who dedicate their lives to it, the ones who drink it on a daily basis and especially the ones who grow the delicious product. 670 more words

Belcorno reproduces 'Is The Order A Rabbit?'s episode 1 latte art

The very first episode of moe anime, Is the Order a Rabbit? or Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka? (GochiUsa) is one of the most highly awaited premieres this fully loaded Spring 2014 season and it features some very unique latte art done by Rabbit House Cafe staff and main characters Cocoa, Rize and C… – http://bit.ly/1sYeyyE