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I'm Transferring to Gokiso ( Japan Week 23)

I’m transferring! I am going to Gokiso, which is the heart of Nagoya city. I am really excited to go there because I wanted to go to either Gokiso or suwa. 334 more words

Latter-Day Saints

October 19th is an important day in the struggle for human equality

Sometimes a day of the year will be commemorated as a holiday which celebrates the accomplishments of historical figures; just as often, those days and accomplishments go unnoticed.   230 more words

We Biked 46 Kilometers In One Day (Japan Week 23)

This week has been really good :) We did a ton of things.

On Wednesday we had a plan to visit 3 less actives and a recent convert in the afternoon and then we would have an appointment at 7:30pm. 827 more words

Latter-Day Saints

Go to Meet the Mormons

Tonight we went to see Meet the Mormons.  I knew it would be good, but it was fantastic!  And we found out the Bishop featured is from our old Atlanta Ward. 54 more words

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It Was A Miracle ( Japan Week 22)

This week we had a really cool experience. By Thursday my foot was still hurting and I needed crutches to walk. We had been trying to visit people by using the bus but it was really hard. 623 more words

Latter-Day Saints

Was There a Great Apostasy?


Some kind of “apostasy narrative” is required to explain why a group that did not exist for nearly 2,000 years can consider itself the true expression of Christianity. 5,360 more words


A Women Carried Me on Her Back ( Japan Week 21)

This week has been kind of a weird week because on Wednesday night I sprained my ankle and now I can’t walk or ride a bike. 857 more words

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