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A pretty great video on the Sacred Temple Clothing

Hey, all.  Kathy saw the new video that church produced which discusses the garments that many LDS churchgoers wear.  This particular aspect of the belief has been something of a sticking point to people outside the faith, because think it’s weird or creepy or secret or… I don’t know what else, but probably other stuff, too. 174 more words

I'm Transferring to Gokiso ( Japan Week 23)

I’m transferring! I am going to Gokiso, which is the heart of Nagoya city. I am really excited to go there because I wanted to go to either Gokiso or suwa. 334 more words

Latter-Day Saints

October 19th is an important day in the struggle for human equality

Sometimes a day of the year will be commemorated as a holiday which celebrates the accomplishments of historical figures; just as often, those days and accomplishments go unnoticed.   230 more words

We Biked 46 Kilometers In One Day (Japan Week 23)

This week has been really good :) We did a ton of things.

On Wednesday we had a plan to visit 3 less actives and a recent convert in the afternoon and then we would have an appointment at 7:30pm. 827 more words

Latter-Day Saints

Go to Meet the Mormons

Tonight we went to see Meet the Mormons.  I knew it would be good, but it was fantastic!  And we found out the Bishop featured is from our old Atlanta Ward. 54 more words

Degn Academy

It Was A Miracle ( Japan Week 22)

This week we had a really cool experience. By Thursday my foot was still hurting and I needed crutches to walk. We had been trying to visit people by using the bus but it was really hard. 623 more words

Latter-Day Saints

Was There a Great Apostasy?


Some kind of “apostasy narrative” is required to explain why a group that did not exist for nearly 2,000 years can consider itself the true expression of Christianity. 5,360 more words