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Latvia is a small country in Eastern Europe, it is bordered by Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and of course the Baltic sea. Nowadays, the population is said to be around 2 million, truthfully I think 1 million would be more accurate. 131 more words

Latvian Doughnuts In Custom Made Double VW Passat

Love seeing that random car in the resort parking lot just having a rodeo of a time spinning doughnuts after a day on the hill…its especially good when its a rental (I may have seen a dodge dart get on two wheels in this situation).   21 more words


Losing weight to gain wives poem (2nd Latvian Edition)

This is a Latvian translation of my original post.

Es cenšos

Par mērķi zaudēt svaru, lai iegūtu sievas

Es nevēlos būt, piemēram, ka aptaukojušos bozo, Tēvocis Ruckus no… 136 more words


Don't put me in jail poem (2nd Latvian Edition)

This is a Latvian translation of my original post.

Nelieciet mani cietumā

Par to, ka poligāms vīrietis

Labs iemesls

Lai nav izvirzīti polygamist tādu kā mani cietumā 146 more words


First Post

Well, this is my first post, heh, never though I’d start blogging. This afternoon the weather on the green island of Ireland is quite average, cloudy and strangely warm for the middle of January. 259 more words


Caramel biscuits "Riekstiņi"

First of all, Happy New Year! I hope you had wonderful holidays! Last weeks were way more active and adventurous than usually, hence the lack of new posts over last two weeks. 353 more words


Whip it Real Good

Isin’t that title just spot on for National Whipped Cream Day? See it goes back to the whole finding songs for words thing that I talked about yesterday! 236 more words