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Lets get rid of the Monday Blues (2)

Lets get rid of the Monday Blues :- Part 1

Disclaimer: This post does not intend to make any personal attacks on any one especially to do with Male-Female issues. 167 more words


Feeling uncool?

This is just a reminder that anyone can get their suave on at any time. Best be prepared to recognise.

1. Coolness can happen on an off-moment. 254 more words


Logos FTW!

For several months now I’ve had to search and find images of a wide variety of company logos on a daily basis. Naturally, this has had its consequences, ranging from shock to deep respect for whoever the designers were of this or that particular logo. 1,745 more words

Laugh It Off

|| Once Upon A Time ||

“I need you to ignore me.”

A sentence of six words or a weapon of six words, she had no idea. Stunned in her positon she gazed at his eyes, thoroughly penetrating them, searching for any gleam of humor in it. 105 more words

Laugh It Off !

Ladies- guys don't actually mind the shopping thing...and here's why!

So I’m in Bloemfontein with my girlfriend seeing her family- and she’s starting a new job on Monday and needs new work clothes…naturally a great opportunity to go shopping (oy!) :-) Now for all those men who know what comes next- you can stop reading. 426 more words

Lets get rid of the Monday Blues

Especially for the Technologically Retards like ME .. Something that I can understand

So does any of these pictures remind you all of something.. or like me of yourself :) he he he oooops… 33 more words