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From Worst To First

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect. To take it all in. To really appreciate what you have.

This year, coming off of perhaps the worst Thanksgiving in my family history, all I can do is look  back and laugh. 1,298 more words

Laugh It Off

Are my balls showing through this dress?

I grew up wanting to be a boy, as I assume many girls do. I would shave my barbie’s hair and draw all over her face in camo-like fashion so she could fight against the resistance with my guy friends soldiers. 479 more words

Creating Your Own Fate

Moral hangovers are the pits

Unless you have grown up Polish catholic, I’m not quite sure you’ll be able to relate to this topic. We are all familiar with the typical hangover, more often than not, brought on by the overconsumption of alcohol. 662 more words

Creating Your Own Fate

What to do when you F&#K up while Dancing!

You’re never so good that you don’t mess up every now and then!

While perfection is a wonderful goal to aim at, helping us aim higher, it is “addictively” unattainable (an important point to keep clear at all times lest you drive yourself mad pursuing something you’ll never have). 1,071 more words


Laugh at yourself, or don't laugh at all

A healthy sense of humor is one of the most important things to develop in yourself and especially in your children. Growing up in communist Poland, a sense of humor was difficult to come by. 427 more words

Creating Your Own Fate

Her Heart Was In The Right Place

What would you do if your neighbor gave your 2 year old an inappropriate tee shirt?

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Laugh It Off

My First Year (a.k.a am I getting punked?!?)

My first contract was with a small rural board, three hours away from home.  I remember being woken up the first morning by cows mooing (a first for this city girl) and thinking, “This is my life now?!? 1,374 more words