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Free Excerpt: The Semi-Perfect Life

M. Levesque
Copyright © 2014
Chapter One

I walked into the bar on a wave of pure confidence. I was under thirty. I was hot and had the perfect life. 930 more words

YOLO. Be Silly.

Whatever happened to just staring into space? Now people are just staring into screens.
Whatever happened to being kind? Now they’re just caring for themselves. 57 more words


Facebook Talk

I am Afrikaans speaking and English was not foreign to me, since I worked at a company where it was the rule. I can even do a bit of Latin and pride myself on my knackfor languages. 899 more words

African In Australia

Random Humor for the End of the Week

It’s Friday, enjoy some random humor to get you in the mood for the weekend… 54 more words

Humor And Observations

I love, love, love this!

Ok, so you literally can’t eat glitter for breakfast

but what I take from this is attitude determines outcome.

Begin today with the following in mind… ‘Today will be the GREATEST day of my life’ and surely, it will go well. 47 more words


Perfect Response

Business man in 1st class, to a sexy gorgeous air hostess: What is your name?

Hostess: Angela Benz, Sir!

Business man: Lovely name, any relation to Mercedes Benz? 12 more words

Laugh Out Loud


Laughter. It warms the heart.