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Rusty Nails

The day started pretty well, all things considered… Until a voice Fuchsia Pig recognised but couldn’t place crackled, ‘Help’ through the Marine radio. Little did she know the Pork crackling was Rusty Boar; the bully from long ago. 828 more words

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Coral's Last Pig-tale

Writing 101: Serially lost Part One

Feldspar Centipede was late for his wedding, he took too long lacing his shoes. He could spend hours playing ‘this little piggy’ with his fiancée Ochre, she had lovely sets of legs. 753 more words

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Random Humor

Random humor to cheer up your work week… 69 more words

Humor And Observations

The Loch Ness Mobster bottoms out on Mars?

Mars was getting weirder.

Their (cruise) ship sat in a lake of golden sap, that had oozed from the glowing green meteor fractures encircling it like gift-wrap. 755 more words

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Regression, Nostalgia And Soup

Yes I am lov’n my life!!

Here I am eating marrow soup (for those who don’t know, that is soup made from animal bone marrow the most nutrient rich soup – getting ready for the winter) and watching “Our Gang” episodes on YouTube. 239 more words