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Oh, the people you meet.

Not all of life is like the red carpet, no one usually cares who your wearing.

But do you give two shits WHAT your wearing? 518 more words

International Moment of Laughter Day

Gone are the days when people used to laugh profoundly in public. Honestly ask yourself, when was the last time, when people you know just burst out laughing, all of sudden. 175 more words

Ask Me: Answers To Your Questions

Happiness– A state of mind

“Happiness” is nothing but a state of mind. Many of us associate happiness with fulfilment of our desires, wishes and gains. We always seek for more than what we have; fulfilment of one wish leads us to the next wish and this vicious cycle goes on and on till we are alive. 189 more words


Who knew an eraser could be so much trouble?

Okay before you read this, let me paint the perfect scenario so you understand.
In my house, along with me and my immediate family reside two other creatures. 169 more words

Robin Hood - A "Prince of thieves" inspired musical

Okay, there are several reasons why I haven’t been around, and here is one of them. Since the beginning of last semester, I’ve been a part of the musical class at my School, half a day straight once a week, I don’t really complain about that I tell you. 244 more words