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Dear Mister Darcy

It seems the children are far better without you.

They’ve not asked about your whereabouts even once. Except for Hansen. But he’s always been softer than the others. 54 more words

The Lyrical And Melodious

happiness tip #7

laugh out loud.  be silly.  be carefree.  don’t be afraid to smile, to chuckle, to find joy in the weirdest, smallest moments of life.  giggle.  feel free to enjoy yourself.   15 more words

Spiritual Warrior

3 One-Liners

Because readers seem to like humor stuff:

(1) If the world didn’t suck, we’d all fall off.

(2) I got thrown off the bus. Something about the last stop. 57 more words


Jokes; A New CRK Teacher Was Posted To

A new CRK teacher, transferred to a JSS 2 class during the mid term, wanted to know how well the students understood the syllabus so far. 240 more words



Pleasantville (1988) is a movie about two teenagers who are transported to a tv village where everything is pleasant but in black and white.

Enjoy life, J.


10 Most annoying people you will ever meet

We’ve all come in contact atleast once or twice with people we literally want to shoot in the head am I right?? Of course.Here’s my list of the top 10 . 623 more words

Laughter IS The Best Medicine!

I love to laugh. It’s absolutely brilliant.

I can’t even begin to describe how much I adore and cherish those moments where I’m just overwhelmed in the merriment of laughter, forgetting, for a short moment, every hardship and every sorrow that we human beings grow to know. 511 more words