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Want to freak a neighbours?

Sometimes we need to cover our tracks, but heck making it with a humor is one of the things I love in life… Humor after all is the best weapon for a bad day….Anyone who makes me laugh is more than welcome as a friend :)


Great Dane vs Cockatiel

We are both completely exhausted from the weekend’s festivities so we decided to start this short week with a laugh. Enjoy!


How to get rid of a groundhog

I was with several people last weekend at a cookout in a friend’s backyard.  The conversation turned to groundhogs and how to get rid of these cute but pesky critters. 169 more words


Another day....

Sometimes when you argue with those you care about over silly little things, it gives you a bad feeling.

This happens to absolutely everyone. What isn’t there to feel bad about if you’ve upset someone you love, or been upset by that person? 148 more words


An official adult debate: Who pays for the beer?

I didn’t let a friend pay for my beer a while back when we were out to celebrate my birthday. And now I know I’m getting old. 555 more words



Our judicial system is a bit like a farmyard; I got nicked by the pigs, and, the law being an ass, I was given bird.

Funny Thought For The Day


going to work
i noticed
aunt bea
up quite early
when i asked
she said
i had a lunch date
with old friends… 47 more words