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Throwback Thursday - Episode 9

In episode 9 it seemed like Savannah may be taking her relationship with Brad to the next level. Think she’s moving too fast? Or does she seem to be moving at a normal pace? 22 more words

Women Against Feminism? Go Home You're Drunk.

I think I just heard Susan B. Anthony roll over in her grave this morning…seriously Susie B. is pissed. Betty Friedan even made a mandatory meeting with her posse to discuss if prescription drugs are to blame for the lack of intelligence in today’s female population. 612 more words


Happiness ...an Attitude!

 “The habit of being happy enables one to be freed, or largely freed, from the domination of outward conditions.”

Robert Louis Stevenson.

by Mikong   …Flickr.com… 171 more words

Life Amazing

Thursday 24th July

Only 14 minutes to “please wait” to log on today. Not bad, not bad.

I have deleted four names off a spreadsheet.

08:58… 305 more words

E d u c a t o r ! / Winner.

My friend,”Life” is a great educator.Those who are envious and jealous will always loss at the end.

Don’t be sad because someone laughs at you for being faithful. 83 more words

My Thoughts And Ideas In The Journey Of Life

Live, Laugh, Run

So anyone that knows me, knows I love the rain down to the core.Summer rain is one of absolute favorites.

With that said, I noticed the thunder and lightening tonight [ July 23 2014; 1103 ] so I grabbed my friend Gabrielle and we ran outside and danced, laughed and felt the rain on our skin like it was a foreign sensation. 165 more words