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it's not funny

but somehow i can imagine laughing

You Gotta Friend In Me

I’m so happy! I got to hang out with two of my greatest friends this week on a whim! Normally I do the same thing every night of the week so it was super fun to switch it up. 276 more words

France Day 11 - Rainy Wednesday

And Oscar keeps smiling and laughing! Oscar qui rigole – video

And delicious lunch at Marraine (Isabelle’s godmother)’s house


Tips on Building self esteem

On my other blog I get a lot of questions about self esteem building and body image issues. Here is on such question.


Do you have tips on building self esteem? 601 more words

Self Esteem

Comedy Day

 About Telling Jokes

By Andrew Dewitt, eHow Contributor

Jokes have been around as long as humans have. Laughter releases stress and helps groups form bonds. There is no doubt that this was useful when cavemen were huddled away in the dark hiding from giant carnivorous animals and fighting off starvation. 615 more words


Wednesday ~ "Getting Over The Hump Day" Humor

Good Morning! We made it half way through the week and we deserve a break…so here is your Mid-Week Mirth post. Enjoy some comic relief for your stress. 7 more words

#ClassicjokeWednesday Numero 7

Hi everyone, I know I haven’t posted a #ClassicjokeWednesday in a few weeks… I think that I need to start theme-ing the jokes for each week so that I can keep a look out in my random mid-night Googling time… 54 more words