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I Present The Power of Joy, One Laughing Buddha At A Time

Today the cards ask you quite simply to LAUGH! When was the last time you had one of those deep belly laughs that went on and on until the tears started to flow and you could barely stand? 329 more words


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I am feeling like a good belly laugh is in order for us all so here is a reblog of a post I wrote last year on the Power of Joy with Maitraya the laughing buddha, before most of us met. Happy ho ho ho and enjoy!

A Quick Post That Will Ground Your Day

Hello readers of the blog! Even though my body is eager to jump into some exercise this afternoon, I must be true my word and provide all of you with a post for the day to make up for Thursday. 111 more words

Photography 101: Treasure

Here is my entry for the Photography 101 session with theme “Treasure“.

“A treasure can be grand, like a precious heirloom or a night out with a loved one you rarely get to see, or teeny-tiny…” 54 more words

My "lucky" bamboo plant

I don’t have a green thumb. At all.  I love plants, but usually, no matter how well I care for them, or how closely I follow the instructions on the little plastic card they come with, my plants still shrivel up and die. 403 more words

"Water Gems"

Tips for Theatre Bloggers

As a theatre blogger it can be very hard to maintain my hobby. Invites from PRs do not come thick and fast and I am constantly defeated by rocketing ticket prices, often having to succumb to a sickness-inducing seat in the gods in order to maintain content on my site. 728 more words