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My Argument is Made

In an earlier post I talked about the variety of quite reasonable reasons that I have for not camping however when I came across this little meme I felt that it really spelled out in quite simple terms why camping isn’t really something that I feel the need to do… 113 more words

Just For Fun

Quick Note

Before I finish up my Fat Cat Friday post, I must say…

My fiancé sounds like a dying bird when he plays FIFA.

I wanted to provide proof, but he magically started using his words every time I brought out my phone. 8 more words



    Who knows if this is actually a surprise or not, but thinking back to the beginning of my high school years it’s actually hard for me to remember everything that happened to me. 515 more words



I Don’t Want to go to Church!

A mother went to wake her son for church one Sunday morning. When she knocked on his door, he said, “I’m not going!” … 84 more words


Thinking It's Naptime

After lunch, we start to head down to the basement to get ready to go to the park. Since we really only go down there to sleep, Little Man must have thought he was getting a nap. 333 more words


Dream 7/24/2014

In high school again. The last few days have been like this. But waking up, the details are nondescript.

I was running through the halls, arms outstretched, friends in tow, laughing wildly, mouth open wide enough to catch flies. 44 more words

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