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“Tire Art”?

So, it’s been approximately twelve days since I’ve moved back to Jersey City. Besides the fact of being jobless and spending most of my days constantly cleaning, it’s not so bad. 392 more words


Brotherly Love

Thursday Jan. 29th

As I wake the boys up to get ready to go work, they gripe moan and groan about getting up, especially Kaiden!  Finally I get him up and going, and not to mention I have a meeting at 8:15, so as I’m rush rush rushing, Kaiden very so sweetly says “momma, I want some donuts” sooo I rush to the store to get him some… okay I’ve got 10 minutes to make it to work AT 8:10 (which is the time my schedule says) and I clock in at 8:10 exactly *PHEW* 206 more words



I like my kitties too, so here’s a nice picture of one to make your day!