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In Which We Learn Whether Or Not I Can Upload A Photo & Then Write About It

Let’s pretend that my last post didn’t happen.  Okay?

Which is to say that if you’ve arrived here expecting to see a post about me having lunch, I deleted it.   177 more words


Day 24: Benedict

Just because I would love to feel those cheekbones between my legs,

Just because I would love to hear that accent whispering in my ear, 19 more words


Flying Semen

It is most likely one of the most unpredictable moments in an individuals life. It is unpredictable because 1) it can’t be controlled and 2) you just don’t know how to prepare for it. 261 more words


Live a Little...won't you

We are a society of whiners.

I know; I’m sorry; I’m an asshole.

But I’m saying it because nobody is saying it. All anyone is saying is how offended they are by this or that. 916 more words


On good sportsmanship.

We recently made a brilliant family investment by purchasing Dinosaur Bingo for our sons.  It is a total blast.  We really enjoy playing it together.  And it’s educational: you learn about the dinos themselves (lots of different kinds); you learn to scan for text and image; you learn letters and counting (how many spaces do you have left?); you learn the value of close attention (“Follow your BOARD, Papa!”). 262 more words


And They Laughed

Hezekiah was king over Judah (the southern kingdom); the northern kingdom (Israel) was suffering much as a result of their rebellion to the Lord and His way. 368 more words