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The New Supermarket

A while ago a new supermarket opened up in Papatoetoe, New Zealand.

It has an automatic water mister to keep the produce fresh. 116 more words


Random funny story

So about 20 minutes ago my boyfriend had to leave sadly :( so I told him to hurry and put his shoes on so we could make out more, so he obviously hurried with his shoes and we ran out side. 151 more words

My Nan's Wisdom

My Nan was a lovely person. So wise and thoughtful and friendly. She was a tiny woman, and also an alcoholic. She eventually died of complete and utter liver deterioration. 214 more words

Keep On Laughing!

Laugher and having a positive attitude towards life is a form of therapy as well as a healing process:

Laughter protects the heart:  Laughing decreases blood pressure, increases blood flow, and improves blood vessel function which may help protect you against heart disease. 86 more words


Sometimes I just laugh!

Tonight I have been working on a parenting reflection paper for my Human Development class.  Not what I would think a paper on this subject would look like, but what life was like as a child and how I was parented.   323 more words

// undignified

lately within church i have been considering bodily reflection of internal states. 

what i mean by this is if in my heart i’m longing for God, how can i display this (to myself and God) in a physical way? 520 more words


Hypothetically Speaking, Or Not.

Have you ever been in a lecture class and was itching to raise your hands? However, you’re extremely hesitant because there’s a possibility that what you want to ask will be considered as a “stup*d” question.   209 more words