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LOL on a rainy Wednesday

Last night while talking on the phone with a friend nine time zones away, early for her, but obviously way too late for me, I managed to accidentally baptise my computer with 1/4 glass of red wine. 219 more words



Just give me the dress and the shoes…I got the night off already…


When the Bible helps you land dat dream girl...

So I was inside the bus today and behind me is this pretty young lady. When I initially entered the bus I eyes met hers and within me I said “nna this girl di kwa sharp o” 488 more words



When I first moved in to my new home, I was very worried about being here alone. Being alone was very new to me and although the neighborhood seemed safe and out-of-the-way, I had always depended on my husband for protection. 440 more words


Awake at Night

Hmm wonder if legend says a nightmare … Cuz that may not be so bad either…especially if there is some background music too. I can think of a few people that it may be okay to be awake in someone’s nightmare for :)


The red frock ( dress)

My mother is the best. I call her every morning before 6 a.m. So we can have our daily chats. While it’s usually the mundane that we discuss, hearing her voice brings me such joy and if I dared to miss a few mornings due to work, I get attitude and an earful when the calls resume. 340 more words