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The kids are asleep- Date Night!!

With all that we got going on, our jobs, kids, family and friends we have to remember to take our spouse off the back burner.  In order for me to get some quality time with my hubs, I had to develop a night time routine for the boys. 282 more words



Giving thanks to the cashews in my palm, here are some health benefits of cashews:

  1. Keep your heart and blood vessels healthy by providing your cardiovascular system with a steady stream of healthy, monounsaturated fatty acids.
  2. 160 more words

Random Neeter thoughts or Neeterisms... #1

So the majority of my blogs are pretty serious.  Most of the time I am not very serious at all…  Random thoughts today…

Alarm clock fail leads to no shower which leads to fuzzy ponytail poof hairdo for the day.  176 more words

Just For Fun

LMAO- Why I Choose to Laugh

Your attitude is a choice.  Life comes at you fast and so many of those things are completely out of your control.  When things are at their worst I look for humor. 367 more words

Self Improvement

Wistful Mr. R.

Mr. R. and I were watching television together when we saw a commercial.

Me: Sigh. I wish someone would leave a box of Swiffer stuff on our porch. 14 more words


The Heart of the Matter is LOVE

As a young boy I always thought that there was something more to life than fun at school. Something more than repetitive, boring, duties at home and pointless and dull jobs at work. 511 more words