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Mortgage Farce

Work with me people. We’ve got to find the funny in this. I know it’s there, but I’m looking at it from the inside. Did you think my… 1,117 more words

Lazy Days of Summer

Definitely not a very productive day, but I’d say it was a pretty great one.

1. Not having anything that needed to be done.

As I was walking to the gym, as I was eating, I didn’t need to think about all the work that I still needed to do. 113 more words


Pain and Pleasure...

This past weekend I was choked out while having sex. Honestly, I had a mans hand wrapped around my neck squeezing me until I could not breathe. 851 more words

Comedy, Money and Other Stuff

G’Day fellow Wanderlusters and Nomads and even Wanderlust Nomads!

See what I did there? ;)

This week has been quite a thrill for me (Donna)- one because I got my Californian drivers permit (Watch out, Los Angeles!) and two, because I got my very first comedy stand-up gig- EVER! 761 more words

Playing Bingo...or Not

We haven’t actually played Bingo yet.  But we laughed hysterically about the two of us in our 70s planning to. It was on a Monday morning when both our weekends were fraught with aches, pains, gurgles and leaks; the aging arthritic bones, airborne abdomens, and runaway bladders. 240 more words

My Entries

I think I just purchased my ticket to Hell

If I had not already messed up before, I think I just sealed my invite to the perpetual Bar-B-Que in the land beyond the River Styx.  202 more words


old friends.

Are you lucky enough to have old friends? I am talking those friends that knew you when you were a dorky middle-schooler and went by nicknames like “Spaz,” those that you spent hours “scooping the loop” with when you turned 16, or those that loved you when you were a brace-face (especially if that period was in college). 380 more words

Life Adventures.