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Four Weeks Inside Our Four Walls ....

At four weeks into homeschooling my son, I’m an expert. LOLOL. Even I couldn’t say that one with a straight face. Truly, even once I have more time under my belt and more experience, I don’t know if I’ll be able to consider myself an “expert”. 390 more words

"Hasta La Vista"

“Tungjatjeta”, he said as he looked at the palm of his hand covered in blue ink. I don’t know if I laughed first and then answered or if I just laughed as he read the rest of it. 340 more words


thought for the week

When you die, will you be in the smoking or non smoking section?


How to floss your bridge.

I am a Hygienist and as such I encounter a lot of things on a daily basis that I believe people would perceive as difficult. First of all I wouldn’t err on the side of caution to say that putting my hand in as few as eight mouths a day is a hard thing for most people to imagine. 792 more words

A Sense of Humour

Humour. An important part of life. It is tendency that provokes laughter. A very important part of life which is rather gone unnoticed by most. Humour is also refered as comedy by some. 445 more words


Laugh it out!

Its a great new month, a month filled with lots of activities at GENO. Trust that we’ll keep you updated as each of those activities unfold. 64 more words

GENO Today

the girl inside the grownup woman

I’m guessing it has something to do with having been a little girl myself, but designing, painting and animating little girls and their stories has always been entertaining. 297 more words