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Could I?

I crave what it feels like
I crave your smile
I need to fall again
I could walk that mile
I crave those butterflies
I crave your warmth… 133 more words

A Troll Uprising

A man walks silently minding his own business. He was surrounded abnormally by quietness from every direction. He did not hear birds chirping or noise off the river that was usually there. 436 more words

Points To Ponder

Mommy Brain

Some people say there is a curious thing that happens to a woman’s brain when she becomes a mother.  Something to do with changing hormones that causes her brain to function differently.  605 more words


Laughter Mends My Mood

What chocoholic wouldn’t want to work in a Chocolate Factory? It seemed like a good idea to Lucy and Ethel. They’re timeless comedy still makes me cackle like a goose. 362 more words


What I Like Most About My "Job".

In life we have many “jobs”. Some are full time occupations. Others are seasonal or temporary. Still others or more like hobbies. My current occupation, which is beyond the nine to five forty hour… 191 more words

Parenting fashion fail....

I just had to share this parenting moment. It is one of those moments when you shake your head in confusion and laugh hysterically inside. We called my son downstairs after we had sent him up there to get dressed. 86 more words


No Pity Parties Allowed

A couple of weeks ago I had a meeting with a charming and remarkable woman. Not afraid to tell me her age, Dolores at 71 has vibrant energy, a positive attitude, and an enviable fitness level . 519 more words

Seeking The Spark