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Sunday Funnies

For those of you dreading tomorrow, here is a sampling of what some Facebook dudes and dudettes¬†were thinking about last week. It’s OK to laugh – it will help you face the inevitable Monday madness! 324 more words


if laughter is the best medicine, then all it takes to cure your cold is a picture of you naked. sunday quote


Love, laughter and little ones

So I’m going to start off this blog by apologising for the lateness of this post! Life got in the way and more inspirations for blogs jumped up, and for some reason took priority over this blog topic. 705 more words

Rock Humor - You gotta' love it!

* * *

First Rock: “Hey, you’re gonna love this one!”

Second Rock:¬†“I doubt that very much but go ahead I’ll humor you!”

First Rock: 160 more words


cheek turn

One reason to turn the other cheek is to show laughter on the other side of your face.



An acquaintance of mine, David Morton, wrote this. I thought I would share.


As cheesy as it sounds, no matter how I try to define what true love is I keep coming back to the “alligator guy” and his wife. 528 more words


The keyhole, chopped off hands, and "who's Beth she's cute"

Saturday has come and gone – It’s only a little after 10:30pm, but based on the movement, or lack thereof, of everyone here… I think it’s safe to assume that the night has come to an end! 518 more words