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China Successfully Launches Unmanned Moon Mission

A Chinese spacecraft was successfully launched on a round trip to the moon on Friday.

The unmanned space vehicle, part of the country’s eventual goal to land a man on the moon, will complete an orbit of the planetary body before re-entering earth’s atmosphere and landing, according to a… 72 more words

Stealthy startup Soft Machines launches virtual CPU cores that trounce traditional processors

A well-funded chip startup, Soft Machines, is taking the popular but abstract concept of virtual machines and applying it to the chip level.

Soft Machines is debuting what it calls a Virtual Instruction Set Computing (VISC) architecture at the Linley Processor Conference on Thursday, as well as testing working silicon. 701 more words

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Top 10 Video Game Launch Trailers

Some of these trailers were even better than the games they were selling. Remember we’re looking at launch trailers, these are trailers that were released wi… 25 more words

Oh, shoot! The center of the universe! (#31days)

I went to the center of the universe. It was empty.

A few short months ago it was filled with dreamers. People with big plans and big ideas. 79 more words


HTC Desire Eye to launch in the ‘coming weeks’?

Early this month, HTC lifted the lid on its selfie-centric smartphone, the HTC Eye, but remained tight-lipped on when the new handset would be available in shops. 151 more words

The McLaren P1 GTR Is A Crazy Track Ready Monster

Here’s pictures of the McLaren P1 GTR and good lord, it’s a fantastic piece of engineering.

The P1 GTR comes as part of a McLaren driver program, which will feature six events across various racetracks around the world. 133 more words


Peter Castleman Launching New MLM Food Company

Peter Castleman Launches New MLM Food Company!

This is the most significant MLM launch in the last 30 years. In my 15+ years in Network Marketing, I’ve never seen such widespread interest, by people, from all walks of life! 2,381 more words