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Sonar Built from Piezo and Microphone

has continued to plug along with his sonar build and recently showed up a monostatic active sonar using a piezo element and microphone. Regular readers will remember experiments from a Fail of the Week post which… 161 more words

Robots Hacks

LaunchpadS Review

The launchpad as we know is a very popular alternative to the monome. Well known in the maker community as a hackable controller. I got my hands on one of these last year and here’s what I have to say… 124 more words

4 Programming UART Ports

A Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter (UART) is a piece of hardware, which is usually used for serial data communications. For example, the COM port in the computer uses the UART. 2,467 more words


A Launchpad Module for Ruby

At some point last year I started to write a Launchpad API client in Ruby, for the very simple reason that Kubuntu CI tooling is almost entirely written in Ruby and I wanted to avoid round tripping into Python to use launchpadlib for trivial things such as querying the version of a package in a… 374 more words


Technology Wars: Windows vs Mac

What’s the first thing you think of when I say Windows? If you thought about the ones that go into the structure of your house that’s not quite what I was talking about. 1,336 more words


3 PLL and SysTick

Time is an essential element of an embedded system. In this post, first I will introduce the phase lock loop (PLL), which allows the software to utilize an accurate crystal and to control how fast the microcontroller executes. 1,193 more words


IOT #002: CC3200 Tools and Utilities

In our previous post we looked at the content of the box and Got Started. Today we will look at required development tools:

1. Code Composer Studio (CCS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 412 more words