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For the Love of Laundry

No single chore around my house is as satisfying as doing the laundry. Modern laundry is one of those proofs that we live in the best time ever. 427 more words


Adventures in Laundry

Unfortunately, when you travel your clothes will not stay magically clean I have learned. Seriously science get on this, we have the technology! Realizing that I was in desperate need to do some laundry, I found the local laundromat yesterday to do the awesome deed of cleaning my clothes. 284 more words


I'm Wide Awake... Now What?

Usually I have NO problem what-so-ever falling asleep. All I need is a comfortable place and it’s on. After making Mr. Husband’s breakfast and lunch I try sleep for those few minutes before the alarm goes off. 448 more words


Aina Haina homes burglarized just days apart

KHON2 is learning more about a rash of burglaries in Aina Haina.

Turns out there were two burglaries that occurred just days apart, and both happened while the residents were at home. 353 more words


Ode to Shout Wipes

Why, oh why, does the universe exact its revenge on the day you wear a white shirt — the day you must wear the white shirt — by serving you at lunch a delicious, lightly roasted cherry tomato that squirts wildly when you fork it and at supper, a supremely savory plate of saucy angel hair spaghetti that whips pesto in every direction when you slurp it?

The Small Stuff

Laundry. Cleaning the bathrooms. Doing the dishes. Emptying the Diaper Genie. These are certainly far from exciting ways to spend one’s early Friday evening. Yet that is what I observed today as mom scurried around the house dusting and tidying and picking up. 330 more words

Man's Best Friend

Poetic Princess license

The spider count is now three. Three spiders in my house. I can’t sleep knowing they’re about.

It started with the bathtub spider. He’s dead, but he probably had friends. 215 more words

First World Problems