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You are your laundry

Today I drove through Amish country, all the while smiling at buggies, vegetable stands and signs for homemade quilts and canned fruits. However, more than anything, it was the laundry that caught my eye. 85 more words

unapologetic (but probably questionable) financial decisions

My generation talks a lot about paying for experiences rather than paying for things. I like this idea. Memories last a lifetime, if you’re lucky, and things tend to end up in the back of your closet covered in newspapers or magazines or whatever else piles up all over houses. 954 more words

Life At Home

Lattes and Laundry: A Dieter's Perspective

I realize that it’s trendy to be addicted to coffee these days. I love my coffee…more specifically, my lattes…as much as the next gal, but it’s more of a passion than an addiction. 131 more words


From the time I was a kid, I have loved my clotheslines. I love seeing everything all in a row, nice and clean. I love the fact that I am not using electricity. 76 more words


The Ease of Laundering Pocketable Technology, part 2

What the sliz? It still works!

With the poor contrast in this image, it’s hard to tell, but as far as I can tell, but after two days of letting this laundered iPod nano sit unactivated, it’s totally functional: touchscreen responds normally, battery charges, sound output through headphones sounds fine… … 69 more words


The fear and greed won’t come out in the wash…

I’ve been doing my wash in the same laundromat for more than eight years. Called “Sparkle Plenty,” it first opened in 1973 and appeared as if the decor was never altered (and rarely cleaned). 1,084 more words

Diary 30th July 2014

I was just about finishing up on my Cooking programs of Nevin Maguire, when I got a call from Mom. As per normal, couldn’t answer the phone. 754 more words