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Daily Prompt: Saturday Night

Don’t judge me- I’m getting old.

Saturday night is supposed to be gym night except not today cause I went on a really long hike. 283 more words

Writing Exercise

Amazing trick for removing baby poo stains!

Baby has had a lot of ‘pooplosions’ recently and while searching the baby forums for recommendations I found the most surprising one – wash items as usual then leave them out in the sunshine. 54 more words


Hanging in the Breeze

Today I reverted back to a time long ago, when I would return home from University with several loads of washing in tow. I was always pretty good at looking after myself and actually have fond memories of the smell and warmth that the laundry room at the halls of residence would omit as you walked past. 281 more words


Didn't I just clean this house?

Laundry is the devil. At least, in my house it is. It gets dumped on my couch, and it sits, whether just for a few moments, or a few days… 483 more words


[M.M.X.I.V. 109] In a Newton minute

I intentionally named this post after a similar-sounding song: “In A New York Minute.”

But, a New York minute is on the opposite end of the spectrum of a Newton minute.   520 more words


…and I wonder if I could do my laundry in the Large Hadron Collider.

If I could, how long would each wash and rinse cycle take? 20 more words

Dream Jumper

What a wasted opportunity!!

So Pickles and Andy were gone for the night. So that means we were kid free for the night. And what do I do? I got in the bed and went to sleep. 181 more words