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'Tis The Shopping Season

Had the extreme misfortune to visit a department store this week. Why didn’t someone warn me it was Christmas time? I usually make it a point to avoid stores this close to the holiday. 525 more words

Bruce A. Borders

Very Productive Weekend

This has been one productive weekend if I say so myself. I tried really hard not to be lazy and to get stuff done before I had to go to work both Saturday and Sunday later afternoon until closer to 11pm. 320 more words


Making a clothes horse

I spent a good six hours on this project today. Like the clotheslines in stores and online, the clothes horses or drying racks available to buy just do not seem any good. 1,533 more words


A temporal au revoir

In a couple of hours I will be leaving nyc for the winter break. There is always a sense of excitement that comes with the idea of boarding a plane, traveling across different time zones, landscapes and continents – but there is also a sense of reluctancy and laziness that comes with having to pack your life into a suitcase and be in question of your final destination. 519 more words


An Organizer's Home

To follow on from several recent posts, I am continuing to post photos from my own home to show how I implement organizational systems. With photos from my… 135 more words

Professional Organizer