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Don’t have enough time at home to scrub our garments and like causation them to laundry

We all love our garments and need them to appear new for a protracted amount of your time. If accidentally they get stained with ink or food, we’d just like the stain to be removed as early as a potential. 433 more words

Dry Cleaning

Just Pondering Part 747

Yesterday, the water pressure was rather low; when I turned on the washing machine for it to be filled up, the water trickled.

I didn’t allow the low water pressure to get on my nerves; being a blogger, I quietly thought to myself, “Now, is the perfect time to get some blogging done.” 267 more words



When I woke up, I knew I had to do laundry. I’m out of clothes to wear.

So lucky tht there is a shop nearby the place I stay. 8 more words

Got smelly towels?

I did.

I’m sharing a quick laundry recipe to rid your bath towels of horrible mildew smell. We all know that smell! It’s awful and leaves your skin smelling less than fresh. 245 more words


Laundry Love

(Photo above from the linked NPR article.)

When I was in college (and doing my laundry in laundromats) I used to fantasize about a laundromat that had a coffee shop on the other side of a big open space. 158 more words


Eight Laundry Craft Projects

I am in the laundry a lot &#8211 it is exactly where I cut and press fabric for my sewing projects. It gets a lot of organic light so we take most of our craft and baking images there as properly. 24 more words

Nutty About Soap Nuts!

So, I jumped on the health bus. Honestly, I should have done this long ago, as I work in a fragrance store that sells perfumes & colognes. 491 more words