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Green Bean and Cauliflower Curry

When I’m looking for recipe inspiration, there a few blogs and website I always check out. One of them is Heidi Swanson’s 101 Cookbooks and it is legend (wait for it) ary. 373 more words

Tomato Pasta Fagioli

After spending the summer in a 5th floor walkup without air conditioning, I’ve never been more excited for fall. As the weather begins to cool, I can finally think about using my oven and eating hot food again. 373 more words

Good morning, not Vietnam

A rush of blood to the feet. a whoosh as a train slams past you and out of habit or maybe just because you can’t trust anyone, really, you always brace your feet against the platform lest some crazy man or woman comes up behind you in the perfect act of hatred and pushes you into the path of a racing train. 286 more words


Dear 1L’s,

Don’t be scared. Your week long orientation might have you thinking this is about to be the worst year of your life…and you’re right*. It might also be the greatest. 1,047 more words

Law School Life

Modern Art, Belém & Cascais

Sunday 10 August

We walked and bused to Belém to spend the morning wandering through the huge modern art collection of Museu Coleção Berardo. In 2 hours we covered 110 years of art history… and got to take photos! 219 more words


All Packed!

The long list has been checked twice and ticked off. Everything that needs charging is charged, all the cards are pristine and empty ready for the photos to come. 48 more words