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You're supposed to be persecuted

Atheists in Madison, WI had the audacity to make their beliefs publicly known by placing an inflammatory sign in the capital building that claimed that “Nobody died for our “sins”; Jesus Christ is a myth.” 413 more words

Fox News

Bankrolling Tea Party radio

In the expansive and fragmented media universe, each of us can find the news and entertainment we want.  And, if you have the money, you can make sure others have access to your favorite news, views, and entertainment as well.  513 more words

Bill O'Reilly has a surreal conversation about Easter and atheism

Some conservatives are currently having a freakout over an atheist group’s sign at the Wisconsin state capitol. In response to an Easter display by the Concerned Women For America that… 570 more words


"ABC News’ Rightward Lurch": Scraping The Bottom Of The Right-Wing Pundit Barrel

ABC News recently hired Laura Ingraham to be a regular contributor to their prestigious Sunday morning political talk show, “This Week With George Stephanopoulos.” Why on earth would anyone hire Ingraham, a second-rate right-wing bomb-thrower whose shtick is well past its sell-by date? 717 more words


Laura Ingraham: "What does it take to get fired in the Obama administration?"

Appearing for her first time as an ABC contributor, radio host Laura Ingraham fired off about Kathleen Sebelius Sunday on “This Week w/ George Stephanopoulos.” 120 more words

The Media

Oh My. Shaun, If You're Sick Please Get Well Soon

Now I know, from first hand experience, that going on radio shows can be kind of nerve wracking.  Especially at 6:30 am on a Monday morning… 134 more words

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