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Obama Importing Disease & Covering It Up?

By John Lillpop Friday, September 19, 2014

Obama Importing Disease & Covering It Up, Obama, Importing Disease, Cover Up, illegal aliens

Barack Obama’s passion for bringing illegal aliens into America in order to grow the base of the… 754 more words

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Laura Ingraham: If latest Benghazi allegations are true, it's felony obstruction of justice

Radio host Laura Ingraham joined “Fox and Friends” this morning to comment on new allegations that Hillary Clinton’s staff weeded out documents related to the Benghazi attacks before turning over information to investigators. 114 more words

Government Run Amok

Is Laura Ingraham 'coming to a Bama game this year?' Nancy Pelosi knows the answer

Asked, and answered:

Does Pelosi use Botox? "@mike_purser: are you coming to a Bama game this year?" #RTR

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) September 12, 2014…

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Laura Ingraham asks if GOP will homer or strikeout on Obama's amnesty delay 'slow pitch'

The White House has said that President Obama will delay taking any executive action on immigration until after the November elections.

Laura Ingraham wonders how the Republicans will play it: 201 more words

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'Verbal gymnastics': LA Times uses 'incomprehensible' substitute for the word 'illegal'

Look what the Los Angeles Times came up with to further misrepresent the illegality of unauthorized aliens coming into this country.

Happy (Illegal) Labor Day! …

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America on the brink of civil war?

Michael Savage

Prompted by increasingly troubling events at home and abroad, Michael Savage pushed his publisher to make his new book available for pre-order as soon as possible. 410 more words


Campus Rape: The Second Wave of the Backlash Against Anti-Rape Activism

By Caroline Heldman and Baillee Brown. Crossposted at Ms. Blog

In the past two years, anti-rape activists have put campus sexual assault on the national policy agenda—but in recent months, the backlash against these efforts has intensified. 1,484 more words

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