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Willfully ignorant leftists put bogus racism charge on John Podhoretz

It was nothing extraordinary. Piano player John Legend was just joining the left wing anti-Israel chorus. Conservative pundit and editor of “Commentary” magazine John Podhoretz responded with a variation on a stock conservative phrase. 489 more words

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Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and 100 others sign stupid letter blasting Israel

This is from Allen B West.

How many of these clowns are has beens looking for fifteen more minutes of fame?

They are no doubt a bunch of anti-Semitic fools. 725 more words

Laura Ingraham OWNS O'Reilly's "Immigration Spin Zone" By Offering Common Sense Solutions to Crisis

By Isabel Matos

Laura Ingraham is not every Sarah Palin supporter’s favorite talk show host, but she has been a steady and effective activist against Amnesty. 722 more words

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The Young Turks: Video: Cenk Uygur: Bill O'Reilly Looks Sane Next to Laura Ingraham: Let the Nuts Out and the GOP is Done

I disagree with Cenk Uygur on at least one thing here. Bill O’Reilly is not that much of a radical, or Neo-Con on immigration either for political reasons, or in general. 369 more words


'Soon': Laura Ingraham wonders when illegal aliens will be issued taxpayer-funded phones

Attempts are being made to provide the tens of thousands of people who crossed the border illegally with taxpayer-funded attorneys as well as improved housing conditions. 177 more words


BCN predicts huge win for Joe Carr in TN US Senate seat race.

BCN predicts huge win for Joe Carr in TN US Senate seat race.

Its more than a good feeling that has drawn me to predict Carr a winner in the US Senate Seat over long term politician Lamar Alexander in Tennessee. 379 more words