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Inna Cockney Stylee - Laurel and Hardy

Laurel and Hardy were a pair of reggae toasters. This interview is from Sounds, Nov 27th 1982

Two geezers wiv more patter than a fortnight of rain, Laurel and Hardy… 1,379 more words


Babies in prams rolling down steps...

The image of a baby in a pram rolling down steps has been one of the most influential visual tropes of the past ninety years.  Eisenstein’s vision of a pram rolling down the Odessa Steps – … 346 more words

#271 Sons Of The Desert

(1933, William A. Seiter)

“Well, here’s another mess you’ve gotten me into”

This review was originally intended to posted on Tuesday, April Fool’s Day, but I never got around to it. 804 more words


A Little Pooh Humor on a Gloomy Friday

Today, I caught myself singing the Winnie the Pooh song, something I’ve done from time to time for many years.

As a new parent, I would often turn on the Winnie the Pooh cartoon at 7am on Saturday mornings to soothe B after his first feeding of the day, giving MOTH and me a chance to shake off our early morning fogginess. 179 more words

Much Ado About Nothing

Lost and Found --

This is great news for the dwindling number of silent movie fans: a sizable trove of silent films thought lost have been uncovered in Amsterdam. … 125 more words


It is generally accepted that even the most reasonably priced, lower-shelf novel follows the five stages of story writing : 1. exposition, 2. rising action, 3. 438 more words

Conduct Disorder