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Laurel & Hardy at Twentieth Century-Fox - Another nice mess

Above is a copy of the contract that Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy signed with Twentieth Century-Fox on July 26, 1943. It indicates the renewal of the initial contract between L&H and Fox that was signed in May 1941, thus continuing Fox’s series of Laurel & Hardy comedies. 859 more words

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Laurel & Hardy's THEM THAR HILLS (1934) - Strong brew


(WARNING: Spoilers abound!)

From funny to silly to violent, Them Thar Hills runs the Laurel & Hardy gamut. It begins with Ollie suffering from gout and Ollie’s doctor (Billy Gilbert) making lofty philosophical pronouncements that of course go over Stan’s head. 397 more words


Laurel & Hardy's TWO TARS (1928) - Two tars and a car-lot of targets

(WARNING: Spoilers abound!)

Even more so than their short Big Business, Two Tars demonstrates how Laurel & Hardy used the “reciprocal destruction” device in a way that “makes sense,” where other comics used it just for cheap laughs. 195 more words


Happy birthday to some real yankee doodle dandies

Today is the OM’s birthday so let’s all sing a rousing chorus of “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”!

And here’s a special rendition of “Shine On August Moon” just for you: 271 more words

Black and White Giggles!

(Written as part of The Daily Post: Daily Prompt – Roaring Laughter: What was the last thing that gave you a real, authentic, tearful, hearty belly laugh? 153 more words

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Merchant Rooftop and seeing the sights of the Antrim coast

This past week has been extremely busy, with little time to sit down and watch the World Cup (which I had been doing religiously since it started!) As a quick overview, on Tuesday I went to a Chamber of Commerce networking breakfast which resembled speed dating as we had two or three minutes with other attendees before the buzzer went and we all had to move on. 463 more words

100th Anniversary of Oliver Hardy's First Screen Appearance

For many Oliver Hardy’s first film appearance a century ago in the one-reel silent comedy Outwitting Dad marked the start of an astonishing film career that would lead to the incredibly popular, internationally renowned comedy duo, Laurel and Hardy, who, even today, continue to bring joy and laughter to millions.

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