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From the Vaults: March of the Wooden Soldiers (1934)

It’s Thanksgiving and that means they play the 1930s Classic, “March of the Wooden Soldiers” on television once more! So, let’s take a look back to when I checked out this surreal bit of classic cinema. 798 more words


Laurel & Hardy in THE TREE IN A TEST TUBE (1943) - Stan and Ollie in color

The Tree in a Test Tube, while not Laurel & Hardy’s greatest comedic achievement, is at least cute and shows them in character. That’s more than you can say for most of L&H’s movie work from the 1940’s. 165 more words


Day Two Hundred and Thirty-Seven: Rake

Now fan-shaped, when I was small, you were simply straight up and down and liked lurking in the lawn to trip up unsuspecting daydreamers like me. 110 more words


Laurel & Hardy in DIRTY WORK (1933) - A sweeping comedy

Have you ever noticed that when Laurel & Hardy are self-employed in one of their movies, the job at hand always seems to be their first assignment? 211 more words


Laurel & Hardy in UTOPIA (1951) - No utopia for comedy fans

Let’s get the most obvious debit out of the way first. It’s well-documented that during the filming of Atoll K, Stan Laurel was sicker than he’d ever been before or since. 569 more words


Laurel & Hardy in DO DETECTIVES THINK? (1927) - Think what?

Now we’re getting some place! Do Detectives Think? is the first L&H comedy since Duck Soup where Laurel & Hardy seem like Laurel & Hardy. This is the first movie where they both wear their trademark derbies — and, as if in honor of that occasion, it’s also the first movie where they do their hat-switching routine. 269 more words


Laurel & Hardy in THE DANCING MASTERS (1943) - Their worst Fox movie, and that's saying something

(WARNING: Major spoilers abound!)

In his great study of Laurel & Hardy, Charles Barr complains about the lack of continuity in The Dancing Masters: “ job as dancing masters has no relevance to what follows.” But that’s okay–neither does much of anything else in the movie. 280 more words