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Island Beverages: The Lava Flow

I know most people associate the Mai Tai with Hawaiian / tropical vacations, but I associate Lava Flows with Hawaiian vacations. I really like Lava Flows anytime, but they taste… 256 more words


Lava eruptions reported at Italy’s Stromboli and Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcanoes

August 2014 ITALY – Stromboli volcano lava eruption: The lava effusion continues at decreasing, but still considerable rate. When seen yesterday evening, only one channel, 5-10 m wide was still entering the sea at 10 m wide front, while there had been up to 7 branches reaching the shore in the area west of or partially covering the 2007 lava delta. 184 more words
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The Greatest Show On Earth!

Subterminal activity on Mount Etna bursts of bubbles of magma and lava flows from an altitude of 3025-3100 meters


Strong 6.0 magnitude earthquake jolts Alaska near Canada border

July 2014ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Seismologists say a strong earthquake rattled a section of Alaska and Canada’s Yukon Territory. The Alaska Earthquake Center says the 6.0 magnitude quake struck at 3:49 a.m. 159 more words
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42: Mount Slamet Volcano erupts in Indonesia

July 2014INDONESIA – Mount Slamet, which covers five districts in Central Java, was reportedly still spewing volcanic ash in the area around its peak. 365 more words
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USGS: June 27 Breakout Building a Lava Shield

The following photos and video were released by the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (USGS). Note: these photos were not taken in areas currently accessible to the public. 485 more words