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Hawaii Civil Defense closely monitoring Kilauea lava flow

The lava flow in Puna is moving faster. What does that mean for homes and a major highway that could be in its path?

“We thought it would be out of the forested area on to some open ground, but it’s not,” said Darryl Oliveira, Hawaii County Civil Defense Administrator. 133 more words


Lava flow moving slightly faster

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reported Wednesday morning that the lava flow continues heading in a northeast direction through thick forest in the northwest portion of Kaohe Homesteads. 104 more words


Lava Flow Status Report Week of Sep 15th 2014

The June 27th Lava Flow has been marching through the forest for quite some time, but has finally crossed out of federal forest reserve lands and into the residential area known as Ka’ohe Homesteads. 1,319 more words

"Everybody's on Edge, Honey"

It’s early Monday morning and NeNe, my swimming buddy, and I are on the phone.   She sounds good but weary. “Everybody’s on edge, Honey,” she says. 553 more words

Photos: Lava is too close for comfort for Kaohe, as it advances towards Pahoa

Photographer G. Brad Lewis captured these telling aerial photographs of the progress of the June 27th lava flow yesterday afternoon.  Currently, the flow is advancing at a rate of approximately 700 feet per day. 277 more words

Kilauea Volcano Update

Lava flow crosses into Kaohe Homesteads, no threat to residents

Residents are now on stand-by as the lava flow has now entered the Kaohe Homesteads on Hawaii Island.

The good news is that the area where lava entered is a vacant forested area. 81 more words


Kilauea Lava Flow Animation Showing the Lava Advancing on Pahoa Town, Hawaii

Put together a new animation to show the most recent progression of the lava flow over the past two weeks.

Click on the pic below to view the animation (it opens in a new window) 36 more words