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Watching the Lava Lamp

Before Christmas, maybe around Thanksgiving, A2 (11 yrs old) decided that one of the things she wanted most in this entire world was a lava lamp.  427 more words


A Touch of Nostalgia Part 3

Recently, my husband and I have gone in for some 1970s’ retro culture. Well, why not. The 1970s were fun times, colourful times, although I drew the line at flared trousers, fringed jackets and jumpsuits (which, according to the fashion slot on… 552 more words


Lava Lamp

So I ran. Ran until I tasted blood. Ran until I wanted to throw up. It is completely true about how a run can clear your thoughts, but I’m going to have to run a couple marathons to clear my thoughts. 231 more words

Love: like a Lava Lamp

“I came to see love as an ever evolving thing rather than the static, unbendable sentiment I’d always thought it to be.  Love changes form and motion and shape, like the red substance in the Lava Lamp.” Cassandra King/ … 67 more words

Book Club Topics For Reflection/Discussion

Creative teaching in a time of "teaching to the test" challenges....

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting about my love of teaching and the challenges educators face to keep learning fun, engaging, and exciting within the constraints placed on us to get our children to perform on the multitude of state standardized tests…. 843 more words


Vintage Music Room Part 2

Here’s a short video I made a while ago showing the various components of my (then) audio system in use. Of course the video camera limits the sound quality! 44 more words

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