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Burnt Victims Unite!

I remember the first apartment I moved into with my brother right out of high school. Ever since I was able to walk my mom would iterate to us that as soon as we walked across that platform and got our high school diploma, she was changing the locks on the front door. 670 more words


And for the Latest Weather...

I have heard these caterpillars can predict the severity of the upcoming winter. Of course, scientists scoff at this notion. But they once scoffed at the notion that dark chocolate is good for the brain – so that shows what scientists know. 145 more words


5 simple science projects

If you are looking for an idea how to make a science project that you need to present in school, you have come to the right place. 521 more words


What Broken Things Really Mean

Last Wednesday, I vacated the house while my house cleaning service was here. When I returned, I found them waiting for me outside. I knew immediately that something was wrong, but I welcomed them warmly as I approached. 395 more words


Building the modern-day lava lamp with Atmel

Having spent countless hours sitting as his desk, Maker Frank Cohen had always found lava lamps to provide a calming effect that would help him wind down after a long day’s work.  376 more words

Makers Movement

Fluid dynamics of a Lava Lamp

The sixties was a revolutionary era, responsible for many social and cultural developments which were previously a taboo. Although many trends have come and gone since, one item has remained popular until this day, mesmerising the nation for over 50 years. 458 more words