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The Great Indian Mobile Phone War

Welcome to the Great Indian Mobile Phone War.

Welcome to the Indian Market, where the homegrown Indian players like Micromax, Karbonn and Lava have waged a war for supremacy against the global behemoths like Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and Apple on the one hand and Chinese ones like Xiaomi, Gionee etc.  1,523 more words

An Erupti­on has Started North of Dyngju­jök­ull

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An erupti­on has started near Bárðarbunga. The Met Office has con­fir­med this. The erupti­on is an lava erupti­on.

A fissure has started north of Dyngju­jök­ull, in Holu­hraun. 210 more words


Meet Pixar's singing volcano in 'Lava' short

It’s a rare off year for Pixar, with no full-length feature in theaters until next summer. But Disney recently shared an adorable clip from Lava… 194 more words


How to follow the eruptions of volcanoes in Iceland and Papua New Guinea

Two minutes past midnight this morning, after weeks of rattling Iceland with hundreds of earthquakes, the volcano Bárðarbunga finally erupted. Magma breached the surface in a lava field in Holuhraun, the… 610 more words

Reykjalid Nature Pools

From here we continue walking mostly on roads to the nature baths. Another area of steam rising alerts us to the volcanic bread ovens, about 30 lids placed over vents in the earth with black rye bread inside. 159 more words


The Molten Lava Cake

Hello there!

This is the last thing which me and my friends have made on that day where we baked together. *In all honesty, I can’t believe I’m writing about something that I baked a month ago, and I’m sorry~ at least I’m honest about that?! 323 more words


Streams of Lava

If a child ever asks me, “why streams of lava flow down from the roof of a waterfall?”
My answer will be…

Sometimes, at the right time of year, when the snow is melting, and the water is flowing at it’s deepest & most powerful moment, the sun decides to set behind a waterfall… the roof turns into molten lava before it flows down. 86 more words