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(07/24/2014) Cruel and Offensive

Response is made to complaints that condemnation, negative criticism, and unkindness always appear as aspects when Christians share their beliefs or understandings of the holy Scriptures.  1,117 more words


Sexting Teens And Child Pornography

A story out of Nottingham reported by the BBC illustrates how online communications technologies are challenging our courts and law enforcement agencies. 

When teens are caught sexting – exchanging provocative or sexual images of themselves through mobile phones – child pornography laws are often the only tools law enforcement has to deal with the situation.  127 more words

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Lanes For Pedestrians Based On Walking Speed

Source: home.bt.com

The roads in some parts of the US were split into two lanes: One for slow walking and another for quick walking in which no cellphones usage is allowed. 42 more words


Abolish the Bar Exam

This article originally appeared here at LewRockwell.comand was reposted on this blog last year in July.  I repost it here again this year for all those who are taking the bar exam this week and next week. 1,111 more words


European Commission Issues New Free To Play Guidelines

If the headline didn’t grab you, dealing as it does with filthy money, horrid free-to-play games and the words ‘European Commission’, then the actual content of the new ruling will. 297 more words


Confessions of a Legal Intern

I, like most of my fellow lawyers in training, am working as a legal intern this summer. Actually, I’m working at two law offices as two legal interns for two lawyers. 716 more words

Sex Workers and Social Media

A new Canadian law would make it illegal for sex workers to advertise their services, creating another possible crisis about what it is possible to say and do online.  179 more words

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