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the people of guerrero surround an army barracks, refuse to allow soldiers to leave

AYUTLA, Gro. December 17, 2014.-

Masters of the Costa Chica region attached to the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) and members of the Coordinating Estatala of Education Workers of Guerrero (CETEG) retract the Mexican Army, who remain blockaded in their barracks at Cruise Ayutla de Las Cruces, in Tecoanapa. 87 more words


mexico: more police violence against normalistas, return of autodefensias, and the EZLN's Sharing!

@twitter says the only thing newsworthy in all “latin america” for 2014 was carnaval. fucking asswipes!

here is some of what twitter is ignoring:

Drug Cartel Violence versus ISIS…

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ferguson organizers travel to DC, refuse to be co-opted into political shitstem

veterans of the ferguson protests speak for themselves:

ERIKA TOTTEN, ORGANIZER, UNCHAINED: Ultimately, we have been out here, we have been out here in Ferguson and D.C. 683 more words


Anarchour: airborne battalion of anarchists

Greek Police releases footage showing “parkour anarchists on rooftops”

greek TV presenters were focused not only on the rain of molotovs, but emphasized what looked to be a mini-fridge tossed at the cops as well. 220 more words

Law And Disorder

spain leaps back to dark ages, inquisition, reconquista - any form of public dissent now illegal

Just one day after International Human Rights Day, the #LeyMordaza (Gag Law) has been approved in Spain which essentially legalizes human rights abuses. Under the new law, the production and distribution of images such as this one can get you a 30.000€ fine. 455 more words


victory for nikos romanos, greek insurrectionists!

sometimes asserting ones rights means forcing the cops to back the fuck off!

Nikos Romanos has ended his hunger strike after 31 days struggle to study outside the prison. 352 more words