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Law & Disorder Collection to be featured at Shinebright exhibition - 28th - 31st August 2014

shinebright this summer with glacéau vitaminwater

30th july – 10th september, 2014

the truman brewery, e1

following on from last year’s successful campaign to nurture and promote young creative talent, glacéau vitaminwater’s exciting new project – the shinebright studio – will open its doors to the public for seven weeks this summer, kicking off on 30th july, providing the public with a place to exhibit, create and be inspired. 433 more words

Conceptual Dress

This was sent to every legislator

Like Ragu, it’s all in there.  I downloaded the balance of email addresses and made sure every legislator got a copy.

It was sent to every newspaper as well; so let’s see what happens next, eh? 12 more words

Bob Monty Speaks Out

normalize this, zionist thugs!

Nor·mal·i·za·tion: a “colonization of the mind” whereby the oppressed subject comes to believe that the oppressor’s reality is the only “normal” reality…and that the oppression is a fact of life that must be coped with. 238 more words


nurse refuses to force-feed inmates at gitmo.

The international medical community has long maintained an ethical line against force-feeding. As infectious disease specialist Kent Sepkowitz has written, “Without question, it is the most painful procedure doctors routinely inflict on conscious patients… The procedure is, in a word, barbaric.” 654 more words


the U.S. is not a Police State - it's a concentration camp!

Land of the free, right?

The National Defense Authorization Act which was passed in 2012 and extended in 2013 and 2014, authorizes the U.S. military to arrest anyone, anywhere on the planet, to deny them access to a lawyer, and to detain them indefinitely without at trial. 51 more words