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Brother, can you spare a laparoscopic power morcellator?

Here are some thoughts related to Johnson & Johnson’s decision to stop selling its power morcellator, long after the FDA approved it to remove fibroid tissue inside a woman’s uterus, because evidence indicated it could spread cancer in women. 220 more words

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May I have a permission slip?

We have a fairly new phrase to add to our political vocabulary. In addition to the surveillance state, we also have the permission state. You have to ask the state permission to do so much now. 180 more words

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We tortured some folks

Did you see President Obama’s remarks about torture, as the Senate prepares to release the long-in-coming report on the matter? He said, “Yeah, our guys tortured some folks,” but we shouldn’t make too big a deal out of it. 264 more words

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Additional Conversation: Hajjar and Mertz Respond to Margulies

Joe Margulies: I view this as a very curious thing.  We all recognize that emotional attachments figure in the social construction of meaning, including in the meaning of legal texts.  1,227 more words

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How do we create more jobs?

That’s the question: how do we create more jobs? When a politician asks it, the question becomes, “How do we create more good middle class jobs?” 245 more words

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Margulies on LSA: Ruminations on Law, Legal Realism, and Emotional Attachments

Following the 50th Anniversary Law & Society Conference in Minneapolis, we at NLR Conversations had the idea of sharing some reactions to the experience. I’ve been thinking about this a great deal, and wanted to set down some thoughts about the first and last panels I attended. 1,433 more words

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For Full paper go to: http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2467182

The victimization of children is estimated to be one of the most costly public health and public safety problem is our society today. 238 more words

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