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Measuring the difference: law firm metrics

One reasonable response to my recent posts suggesting KM delivers most value when it acts as some kind of irritant to conventional law firm practices is to ask “how can one know when things have improved?” 975 more words


More Lean Principles

Intro to Lean:

“Move the decision making to the lowest possible level” Build Self-organizing, self-correcting teams.

“Litmus test.”

80% of development happens in production.


Seeing Waste - Agile Tool

Intro to Lean: Wastes on Software Development

“The right process will always yield the right results.”

Objection: “Toyota’s solution to particular problems often seem to add waste rather than eliminate it.” … 454 more words


Sustainable differentiation among law firms as objective boundaries recede

True differentiation — sustainable differentiation — is rarely a function of well-roundedness; it is typically a function of lopsidedness. The same can be said for excellence.

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Why Hiring Top Law Firms Are a Better Option

Whether it is criminal case or a common case, it can be extremely mistaking for anybody. Handling with all the reports, paper work, organizing everything in correct request, petitioning the case or going to each of the listening to when the case is under thought in the court of law, it is continually overpowering for an individual. 375 more words


Quality automatically baked in [draft]

“It’s difficult”.. If your system is already in production and someone shows you that you are doing the automated tests not on the advisable way, you will definitely utter those two, err, three words. 59 more words