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"Netflix" My Law Firm

Customers subscribe to Netflix for $9 per month to stream movies and tv shows. Now new law firms are adopting a subscription model for their clients. 106 more words

My Latest Above The Law Column: What Aren’t There More International Law Firms in Canada?

Here’s my latest Above The Law column. There are, by my count, only eleven U.S./international law firms with significant presences in Canada. With all this talk about global law firm consolidation, it seems like Canada has remained relatively untouched. 25 more words

Tommy Boggs Passes Away. Who is He, You Ask? Read On

Tommy Boggs was one of the name partners in the venerable U.S. law firm, Patton Boggs (now Squire Patton Boggs). How did Tommy get his name on the door? 339 more words

BCI bans term-time student internships to nip empty classroom menace (*cough* GLC *cough* DU)

The Bar Council of India (BCI) has directed law schools to forbid their students from undertaking internships outside of their university vacations. 373 more words


Employer Branding - What is it?

You may well ask: what is employer branding?  In fact, the answer is relatively simple.  In essence, it is the perception of whether a firm or company is a great place to work… 1,240 more words

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Profit Per Partner is the Devil

Below is a terrific article from Bruce Stachenfeld of Duval & Stachenfeld. If Bruce wasn’t so busy running a successful real estate boutique, I think he’d make a terrific law firm consultant. 530 more words

Is That Drug Screen Result Proof Positive? By Lori Combs BS, RN, Legal Nurse Consultant

In many situations in the legal system, the results of a toxicology screen or breathalyzer exam is valued to reveal whether or not an individual has been under the influence of a particular substance.  543 more words

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