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Beza: The Part of the Word of God called "Gospel"

The Part of the Word of God called “Gospel”: Its authority, why, how and for what end it was written

After we are made aware of the Law the Gospel is made all the brighter. 1,688 more words


Theodore Beza: Similarities and Differences Between the Law and Gospel

In The Select Works of Theodore Beza, Theodore Beza divides the Word (Books of the Old and New Testament) into two principal parts. One called the “Law” and the other “Gospel”. 799 more words


Sin, between Law and Gospel

By Piotr J. Małysz

A fundamental question motivates these historically grounded reflections on sin: How can we talk about sin today? With a view to illuminating the answer, the following will reflect on certain conceptual dilemmas that came to define sixteenth-century Lutheran reflection on sin, and have punctuated it ever since. 1,928 more words

Human Nature