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"Hang Obama!" Is that always racist?

Correlation, causation, race, the President, and hanging

Once upon a time not so long ago, someone on the Internet expressed an opinion. I found my umbrage and took all of it. 959 more words


Fact checking Lee Camp, and still to good effect

Lee Camp, one of the most scathing and brilliant commentators of the day, has a new macro up on Facebook. It makes a compelling case. Sadly, even one of our own occasionally needs a touch of fact-checking. 87 more words


Some of the most important history you've probably missed

Racism or abortion? You decide.

For the sake of history and truth, this might be the most important thing you read in quite a while. 679 more words


If corporations are people, what about the 4th amendment?

From Moyers & Company: 10 Supreme Court Rulings — Before ‘Hobby Lobby’ — That Turned Corporations Into People

Here’s a head-scratcher:

“The Future: If a corporation has First Amendment rights, could it also claim Second Amendment protections?

140 more words

Nozick And The Communities Smorgasbord

Many years ago I had this idea for government that I thought was too zany for anyone else to ever entertain.  But lo and behold!–  Nozick has hit upon the same basic notion…  what I call, … 662 more words

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Robert Nozick, Preventative Restraint, & The Minimal State

Nozick believes in the idea of a “Minimal State.”  It is something more than Anarchy, but less than the modern State.  Sounding like a Randian Objectivist, he contends that the best State should be “ 1,212 more words

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