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Tax Evasion Vs. Welfare Crisis

“Australia is not merely being lied to, we’re being robbed as well.”

Great article in the Guardian about tax evasion by the wealthy in Australia and how the current government does not want to crack down on it . 7 more words

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Free Cannabis 420 rally flagstaff gardens

I must be getting old, I thought cannabis went out of fashion when roller skates, flares and disco music did.

But seriously, there is a rally in on April 20 in flagstaff gardens, so if your most recent Sunday was a bit boring get along there show your support and meet some really friendly chilled out people. 138 more words

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If you think you're driving, you're out of your mind

I can hear you all saying ‘WTF’ right now.

Firstly look at the legal definition of driver, basically someone paid by someone else to drive a vehicle. 567 more words

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If you pay fines, you're out of your mind.

Don’t believe it?

Its 3/4 of the way down this page:


Make them take you to court and get a conviction, which is harder for them than you think.

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Crimea Ballot stuffing

Why have an illegal referendum, when you can make a mockery of democratic process at the same time?

pre-printed yes votes on Crimean ballot papers… 22 more words

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Mussolini on Victorias anti protest laws

Victorian government votes for anti protest laws.

This is a move to further erode and criminalize dissent and marginalize political thought.

Mussolini approves of the Victorian government. 305 more words

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Logic is the second casualty of war

For ease of translation:

Man 1:

According to the map, this is the imaginary line which marks the property boundary between the oligarchs who own us. 39 more words

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