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Look Within

All that you desire to be and to have is already within you. Ask Divine Spirit to help reveal more of what you want and then allow the answers and gifts to come to you. 9 more words


What Is Your Path?

Beyond Life Coaching

We all have a self-selected the  School of Life, i.e. I want to come into human form and want to advance my soul’s path by doing such and such in order to learn such and such which will bring me closer and closer to my Perfect Universe/Self. 319 more words

Law Of Attraction

The student is ready

Everything that happens in my life is absolutely perfect and takes place in perfect timing. I believe this now.  My life is an absolute reflection of where I am in terms of my thoughts and beliefs.  342 more words


Love advice coloum.

I just got off the phone with my girl friend in Melbourne, not my girlfriend girlfriend but a girl I know who is a friend. She has recently had a bad experience with a boy. 1,191 more words


It all began with a single thought that became a habit. Even racism.

It all began with a single thought that became a habit. Even racism. No one was born with a mindset already installed. What is your conversation with Universe energy-wise like? 323 more words

SoRuM-ing In English

New Rules of Money - Why Savers are Losers

New Rules of Money
Why Savers Are Losers

James Rickards:
Gold is not digital
Gold can not be wiped out by:

1. Hackers
2. Bank Failures… 24 more words