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Changing your appearance with the Law of Attraction

When I arrived to the forum ‘Power Law of Attraction‘, I saw this topic called ‘Has anyone successfully changed their appearance with LOA? 1,176 more words

Tolkien and the Law of Attraction

Are you a Tolkien fan?

Well, if you are, then I suggest to read this article about Middle-earth’s magic – which is almost exactly the same as the… 319 more words

The Law of Attraction and FLOW

I recommend you to check this fantastic site and learn the amazing technique called FLOWhttp://www.the-tao-of-flow.com/ 333 more words

New Man Project

Hi there,

One of my first posts on ‘Power Law of Attraction‘ was about a project called ‘New Man‘.

So I decided to start my blog with an article based on that topic – I hope you’ll like it! 702 more words

Stop the Ice-Sanity!!

“…while God has done his part in creating a world capable of providing what we need, we have not done our part in the stewardship of it, in seeing that it gets to the end of the line, to the poorest and neediest–the children.” 1,589 more words