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Oh Honey! You're Learning!!

I’m thinking about starting a blog, how my husband help me ascend. There’s only a small technical detail out of whack, other than the obvious one that I’m not married… 694 more words

"When the Student is Ready, the Teacher will Appear"

I may have mentioned my ” inspiring quotes board” to you in the past; it started out with the intention of being a vision board but soon was instead covered by… 538 more words

Law Of Attraction

Angels don't have wings!

Angels don’t have wings,
Hi God well…. when I heard this I was stunned, just another one off those “untruths” we are lead to believe by religion, art forms and others. 290 more words

Better and better

I was so right about my new neighbours. They really are lovely people. Levin, New Zealand is a great place and I live in the best little street in town. 131 more words

LIFE Jim but not as we know it...

Sometimes; the saying goes “When the student is ready; the teacher will appear” today; these last few days have been more “Just in case you change your mind; here`s all the reasons why.” It`s motivating certainly. 163 more words