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Thirty-Nine: Negotiation Survey


I am a firsts year law student at Exeter University, and I would be EXTREMELY GRATEFUL if you could fill out this quick survey on your persecution of Negotiation. 18 more words

University Life

A look at the bigger picture.

So I really didn’t want to be social yesterday or go to a banquet last night but I’m really glad I did because I got to meet a lot of new people who were interested in IP. 896 more words


19 Things That Happen When You’re A First-Year Law Student

1. You will look like an idiot when you get cold called. This is pretty much inevitable for every unfortunate 1L. No matter how prepared you are, how meticulously you’ve book-briefed or how detailed you’ve briefed the case on Microsoft Word, the professor is going to throw you a curveball out of legal left field. 581 more words

If You Chase Two Rabbits, You Will Not Catch Either One

Welcome future readers to my first blog post. It is approximately 8:15PM and I am sitting on my couch in my tiny unit completely and utterly exhausted and looking forward to my impending time off. 640 more words

Law Student

When they speak of me...

I’ve recently fallen in love with the artwork of a particular artist, Loui Jover, whose work is pictured here.

His pieces are generally melancholy but always so beautiful, sometimes heartbreakingly so. 194 more words


The End is Nigh

I’ve been very bad – not keeping up with my blog. I thought I’d have more free time this semester – my last semester – but nooooo. 369 more words

Law School

It's that time of the semester!!

Where our souls are sucked into our computers as we compile an entire semester’s worth of notes into basically one giant cheat sheet for a 4 hour final exam that totals our entire grade. 160 more words