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Happy Thanksgiving

Whew. A lot has changed in a year since last thanksgiving. I went from a studio apartment to a 1 bedroom, I’m a second year law student who is a little more aware of what’s coming with final exams, I’ve gotten a little older, maybe a little wiser. 46 more words

Journey Through 2L

Aim for the stars

Work + Law School.

People know how hard it is but few of them can see how fun it is. .

Me, I prefer to be a working student. 335 more words

Law School

"Am I Next?" -Thoughts on Ferguson From an Interracial Couple

From the safety of my apartment, in a quiet part of Miami, I am able to write about the atrocities I’ve seen all over my computer and TV screens. 732 more words

Black Lives Matter

Surviving UK: Food (Part 1)

“You’re far from home, you’re expected to buy your own groceries, cook throughout the week and the cycle reoccurs. Instant ramen’s not gonna help you survive the academic year.

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Week in Pictures #5

#1 I like to watch beauty/fashion/daily vlogs whilst I get ready or before I study so I feel more motivated. Is that weird? (especially sunbeamsjess… 501 more words

Locally and Nationally Recognized Attorney

David Shulick has been recognized, not only by clients, but also by numerous colleagues and peers, as an excellent attorney. Experienced in corporate law, civil litigation, personal injury, employment, class actions and more, Shulick continues to offer a superior level of advocacy to both individuals and organizations in need of dedicated legal representation. 200 more words

David Shulick

Notice: Know This

When age ages people, they tend to forget the age of fun, the they had in their childhood… chiming the nursery rhymes and all…
Well, I decided to delve back into the past and get us some of the more interesting nursery rhymes and I ‘messed’ with them a bit! Revisiting nursery rhymes