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Research Quest: Indigenous Bar Association

This months research quest that I chose was on the Indigenous Bar Association (IBA).

I found the IBA’s website and gathered this info from them: 343 more words

Právo je na vaší straně

3 slova: obhajoba, imitace, polštář. Celkem: 100 slov

V soudních síních trávím hodiny obhajobami, tak mnohdy vymýšlím nejrůznější věci, aby okamžiky strávené na onom místě nebyly fádní. 113 more words


Sabbath Insight 11-23-2014

And the warning from the past as more people today appear to desire an executive branch and overall government with ever growing powers:

1 Samuel 8 (NIV) 473 more words


NY Legislation to Ban Flavored E-Cigs Will Lead to More Smoking

By Tony Newman

Source: Huffington Post

Elected officials and anti-smoking advocates need to re-think their knee-jerk reaction and hostility to e-cigarettes and vaping. It seems like every day we hear a new attack — yet these products are actually helping some people quit or cut back on the much more dangerous alternative of smoking tobacco. 694 more words


Reading for a Rainy Day (Part 1)

Although extremely controversial to talk about, the entire situation in Ferguson, Missouri is going to be one of those defining moments in our country’s history. It is a sad ordeal to watch unfold, especially on the side of those who are ready to riot, loot, rob, inflict harm on others, and pretty much burn a city to the ground.   784 more words

How to Handle Preservation Break-Ins and other Mortgage Emergencies

On 2014-11-22 17:40, RF wrote:

Mr Hurt, My mortgage company broke into my house 3 different times in August, September and October. They changed the locks, cut the chord to security system, winterized house and threw moldy tiles on my good furniture.
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