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Women must disrobe in court to prevent "wrongful convictions"

The Toronto woman known as N.S. may not testify in court against her abusers while wearing a niqab. According to Justice Norris Weisman of the Ontario Court of Justice, if a woman wears a niqab in court while testifying against the family members who abused her as a child, it will be impossible to “assess the witness’s demeanour and tailor the thrust and direction of their questions accordingly” during the cross examination, which will lead to “wrongful convictions” and “loss of public confidence in the justice system.” He has an odd idea of what will lead to “loss of public confidence in the justice system.” Since the judge’s decision on whether or not to convict child abusers seems to depend largely on the “demeanor” of witnesses while in court, specifically her facial expressions, rather than on the facts of the case, I’d say we don’t have much of a justice system. 133 more words


Law. Surveillance. Dehumanization.

Nine years ago, federal agents stuck a location tracker on a nightclub owner’s car without a warrant. The agents thought their suspect might be dealing drugs, and four weeks of GPS data ultimately proved them right. 260 more words



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 Creativity, innovation and sustainability: The question of Ethics and morality in business. 229 more words

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Plunder will out

“Sooner or later, academic dishonesty will be discovered.” So says the student handbook of the Army War College, the site of this urgent case of apparent plagiarism.

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The judicial character of Chief Justice Roberts and the difference between the ACA subsidies and individual mandate cases

One feature of speculation about how the Supreme Court might rule on the challenge to the ACA subsidies is reference to the Court’s narrow upholding of the individual mandate against constitutional challenge in  744 more words


Freedom to Worship

Christ came to set us free like we have never been before. Know that Galatians 4 is not about freedom from sin, it is freedom to worship God * How can I experience freedom? 68 more words

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Obama Administration makes it easier to designate someone as a "terrorist"

And, of course, once someone is so designated, the US Patriot Act allows them to be imprisoned indefinitely and in secret.  Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Devereaux  793 more words