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That Dreaded Time of Year..

So that time of year has reared its evil head once again – exam time.

With a dissertation and exams, I thought I would quickly share a little something about how I feel when people say to me one of the most ANNOYING and INACCURATE phrases ever: ‘everything is going to be… 65 more words

Reasonable Search and Seizure

Intro: The Fourth Amendment protects people against unreasonable searches and seizures.  Today I would like to discuss the opposite.  When is a search “reasonable?”

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________… 244 more words


Big Brother is watching you, really watching

From the Center for Investigative Reporting via Journeyman Pictures, a disturbing look atg police surveillance technology now deployed in the U.S.:

The Frightening New Technology Transforming State Surveillance… 219 more words



Welcome to our Judicial Blog.

Court Of Appeal

Two laws against each other

I was taught about sin a very long time before I was born again, however that didn’t create a desire in me to seek God. I simply felt God was an unapproachable Holy God who would probably be wasting His time on me if He spent any. 1,242 more words


On picking a career (and what the hell that's all about)...

The title of this bad boy is key to understanding what I’m about to muse on here for a few minutes. I am in no way a seasoned human being, I still have one more year of undergrad left! 1,508 more words