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[TV] Hannibal - Nako Choko (S2E10)

Quick Recap:

The episode opens with a more detailed retelling of the events of the last episode, this time from Will’s perspective. Will sees Randall as a monster, similar to Hannibal himself and kills him. 1,391 more words


#AccessIndy: Impact of Your New Favorite Shows

Prime time television shows featuring lead black characters are proving to be a winner for ABC Networks this Fall season. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that due to shows like “’ 95 more words


5-sentence review of 'Black-ish: Crime and Punishment'

Black-ish” | Season 1, Episode 5: “Crime and Punishment” | Date: Oct. 22, 2014

  1. I applaud the creative team of “Black-ish” and ABC for airing “Crime and Punishment,” a humorous episode about the highly charged topic of corporal punishment of children.
  2. 183 more words
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[TV] Hannibal - Shiizakana (S2E9)

Quick Recap:

Will fantasizes about killing Hannibal, using a moose to slowly decapitate him. Jack has dinner with Hannibal and Jack is cordial and talks about Will, but Hannibal will not discuss Will with the FBI anymore, since he is Will’s therapist now. 1,063 more words


31 Nights of Halloween #2 Event Horizon (1997)

Due to technical problems I fell behind on the reviews. They all are still coming!)

October 2, 2014

Event Horizon (1997)

Director: Paul Anderson

Writer: Philip Eisner… 1,041 more words

[TV] Hannibal - Su-zakana (S2E8)

Quick Recap:

Jack and Will have a conversation about luring Hannibal into the open and using a fishing analogy they discuss their plan to capture Hannibal. 1,377 more words


The Matrix: Reloaded ★★★½

While hardly a masterpiece The Matrix: Reloaded is by no means the damning destroyer of the franchise that so many hateful moviegoers claim. Are there problems with the film? 767 more words